A new AI system provides ‘personal protection’ against kidnappings and other criminal risks.

Protect is an iPhone app that can protect people in dangerous situations or from crime. An Android version is in the works.
An app on your phone that uses artificial intelligence can act as a shield to tell your loved ones and first responders about situations like a fire or possible crimes.

A March study by Adidas found that 92% of women worry about their safety and 51% are scared of being physically attacked. The Protect app would offer new defenses to a woman who is in trouble while running, for example.

When you say a code word to Siri on an iPhone or tap the app, a live feed is sent to your emergency contacts. They get a video and your location in real time.

If the attack has already happened and the target isn’t able to defend themselves, the emergency contact can call 911 on their behalf. This sends the video feed to the nearest police station.
Matt Frischer, the chief marketing officer and co-founder of Protect, told Fox News Digital that the AI studies the video and finds “key elements” in the video stream as it comes in.

That could mean finding a fire, counting how many people are in the frame, and seeing if anyone is hidden under a bed. If a runner is attacked, it could also show where the attacker is or what they looks like, he said.

“It works for our children, our husbands, and our wives in all these different situations,” Frischer said. “Because technology has come so far, we’ve been able to use AI to analyze the video and send the results straight to dispatch.”

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“Photos and snapshots of relevant information about the situation in real time. This could include how many people are in a fire, what you look like, and your exact location.”
In an emailed news statement, protect said, “In the wake of subway violence, mass shootings, bullying, rising death rates and health problems, and other public safety issues, it looks like AI might be able to make a dent in some of these worrying trends.” “In the Age of AI, public safety is about to get a fresh start.”
Frischer said that if the person can’t call 911, a family member or friend can.

He said that the plan is to keep building on this and eventually add face recognition and other features. He thinks that this will finally help stop crime.

Going back to the runner as an example, the new technology has other perks.

Protect says, “Imagine you’re in a scary situation, but it’s not bad enough to call 911, like a strange person is following you, but it might be nothing.” “Tap the Protect app, and a livestream will be sent to the people in your inner circle. If something goes wrong, any of them can call 911.”

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