15 Industry Leaders Share Their Votes For The Top Business Tech Story Of 2022

15 Industry Leaders Share Their Votes For The Top Business Tech Story Of 2022

Technology leaders aren't the only ones scanning the day's latest tech headlines. As organizations in all industries become more and more dependent on technology, it is up to every leader to stay up-to-date with the technology tools used in their organizations and industries and to keep an eye on the future.

In 2022, among the countless technology stories on countless global media sites, several technology leaders are seeing signs that businesses will soon use technology in new ways. Below, 15 members of the Forbes Technology Council share their picks for the most important business technology stories of 2022 and why businesses should pay attention.

1. The full rise of AI

The most important business technology story of 2022 is the emergence of artificial intelligence as a viable option for automating business processes. There are many reasons for this. Artificial intelligence can be used to automate tasks from customer service to optimizing supply chains. Despite concerns about the ethical implications of AI, it is clear that this technology is here to stay. – Leon Gordon, Partner at Pomerol

2. Progress towards diversity

I think their primary focus is on the tech industry, progress and increasing diversity. The need and demand for a more diverse workforce in organizations and among employees was a major topic of discussion. For the company I work for, as well as other companies in the industry, diversity is critical to building a successful workplace culture. – Emma de Souza, an idea

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3. Climate Law

The Inflation Reduction Act, signed into law this year, represents historic legislation to guide global climate action. The bill serves as a key catalyst for the development of impactful technologies that benefit people and the planet, accelerate innovation, and ultimately have positive social and environmental impacts. – Ryan Begin, Divert, Inc

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4. Mobile Customer Privacy Practices

One of the most important developments in mobile communications is the industry-wide privacy movement, led primarily by Apple. Advertisers can no longer target app users like before. This shift allows companies to access innovative new advertising platforms such as connected TV and focus on marketing transparency for consumers. – Cathy Medding, editor.

5. Data Lakehouse

The development of data lakes and their use to drive analytics, machine learning and reporting is one of the most important trends of 2022. It is a state-of-the-art data platform built from a combination of data lakes and data warehouses and launched with new open source. – Arrangement planning. It has the same data structure and data management features used in data warehousing. – Neeraj Sabharwal, Prof.O

6. Art created by AI

The AI-driven industry is a sign of what's to come for many creative and computing careers. It shows that a simple service that uses verbal queries to generate images on demand has many applications (creating logos, architectural models, fashion design, art printing, etc.) from music to medicine and many other fields. : – Ricky Sahu, 1Up Health

7. Strong focus on cyber security

The most important technology story of 2022 is cyber security. It is no longer only covered by the technical media. The mainstream media covers this topic almost every day. It affects everything from governments and large corporations to very small businesses and individuals. If it's as serious as a ransomware attack, it can amount to a daily phishing attempt. – Kevin Beasley, VAI

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8. Consent and Enforcement

The need to better manage compliance with business technology assets was a clear theme this year. Amazon's record GDPR fines and the introduction of the European Union's Cyber ​​Resilience Act have forced regulators to acknowledge the significant data risks for companies in digital transformation. This means that exact requirements are no longer "nice to have" today. "Permit to operate" is very important. – Carmen Ene, 3stepIT and BNP Paribas 3 Step IT

9. Smart document processing

The industry is increasingly recognizing visual feature recognition and intelligent document processing. Today's industry needs a solution to manage all types of templates when viewing documents. For example, although healthcare services have many document management needs, their templates are not suitable for OCR solutions – Vasudevan Swaminathan, Juicy Systems

10. Changes to Third Party Cookies

In 2022, we could see big changes as big companies including Google and Meta rethink their use of third-party cookies. Managers understand that customers are reluctant to share their personal information online. In response, they began using alternative personalization techniques, including the use of technologies such as artificial intelligence. – Alexander Robik, "Crossroads of the Mind."

11. Passwordless Authentication

Providing users with passwordless authentication options is becoming the norm. From the user's point of view, everything should work like FaceID, only with better security, reducing the chance of password theft to zero. Although the technology is still evolving, long-term transaction costs will decrease, eventually eliminating the need for anyone to manage or protect passwords. – Victor Shiloh, Eastbank Technologies

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12. Consumer-centric technology

Consumer-centric technology is no longer a solution to our industry's problems, but a fundamental and enabling asset. When an organization deeply understands its customer base, we see more effective consumer engagement, deeper loyalty and better results. This is at the heart of all the innovation driving growth this year, and we see this trend continuing through 2023; Michael Serbinis, League

13. Web3

The Web3 transition takes place in 2022, causing dramatic changes as companies migrate from traditional infrastructure to this new generation of the Internet. As global leaders from all industries look to join Web3, there is unprecedented pressure to invest in blockchain, build digital wallets, and hire the right talent to be ready when the time comes. – Jeff Wong, EY

14. Quantum Computing

Quantum computing will revolutionize many fields, including finance, pharmaceuticals and cyber security. Researchers in the quantum computing space have made significant progress this year, including the demonstration of error correction in a three-qubit silicon-based quantum computing system. This discovery could pave the way for the success of practical quantum computers. – Osborne Gomez, NIOSolutions Inc.

15. Super Privacy

Hyper-personalization allows digitally native brands to deliver adaptive and personalized consumer experiences that reduce the pain of traditional marketing in the more intimate environment of e-commerce. Businesses can use artificial intelligence and real-time data to reduce customer bias and strengthen brand loyalty through personalized products and highly relevant communications. – Christopher Young, go!

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