Where Illinois Politics Stand Two Months Before The Election

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surprises and advertising

We are not even two months away from the election we know from the wealth of political advertisements in our bones.

Leading the News: Dan Proft's superpower, PAC, has created a number of controversial assault ads, including one showing an assault involving a woman screaming.

  • No music, no voiceover. just scream
  • The controversial ad aired during a Bears game last week but was pulled after complaints from NBC 5.
  • Nabi later claimed that the news first aired the video.
  • News Review: Many news outlets broadcast videos as news, but reporters read transcripts over silent videos.

  • The purpose of the poll is to get Chicago residents to vote for a candidate, not to report on what's going on in the community.
  • IL AG: Hide permissions

    In the race for Attorney General, who will represent the state in all legal matters, incumbent Democrat Kwame Rawle meets Republican Attorney Thomas DeVore.

    Flash forward: DeVore successfully sued the state to end Musk's school mandate after a judge ruled against the order last summer.

    Zoom out: Before you call out Anti-Mask DeVore, read his interesting comments at the GOP meeting in Springfield ahead of the Illinois State Fair rally.

  • "How many of you in this room don't like the Musk administration?" [people raise their hands]
  • "Now how many of you like it when Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis issues an order saying you can't enforce Musk's orders?" [audience clapping and shouting]
  • "You're the culprit in this crowd" [Calm down]
  • "If Governor DeSantis was Governor of Illinois, I would sue him too." [Silence]
  • "You have consented to and participated in the erosion of our great nation, abusing executive power to the extent that it achieves the possible end."
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    In short, it's rare to see candidates tell party members they're wrong, especially at public meetings.

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