What The Variety Staff Is Thankful For In Entertainment In 2022

What The Variety Staff Is Thankful For In Entertainment In 2022

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Tom Cruise revived cinema with Top Gun. With Maverick’s success, Taylor Swift broke the internet (and Ticketmaster) with her Midnights album and Eras tour, and Michelle Yeoh proved that Marvel wasn’t the only one with multiple visions. Anywhere, anytime.” That’s what the staff at Variety is thankful for when it comes to entertainment in 2022.

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In a year where fairy tales were all over television, I was grateful for Stranger Things, Ms. Marvel, The Sandman, Rings of Power, Dragon House, tri-science. -fi the shows that moved me the most. Apple TV+’s Severance brings office life to life through the lens of a paranoid thriller; Paramount+ Star Trek. Brave New Worlds captures the ancient magic of Star Trek in a fresh way, and Disney+’s Andor makes Star Wars a platform for some of the most moving and human stories of the year.” – Adam B. Vary, Entertainment Author.

I am thankful for the return of Tom Cruise and Maverick. What a cinematic experience it was. It was a historic moment to return to the cinema and see the audience devouring this film. I’m grateful to meet again for one-on-one events, samples, and Q&A. It’s great to talk to voters and hear what they like. It’s a gift to moderate on stage and walk speakers around instead of waiting their turn to speak on Zoom. I am grateful for the artists I celebrate and share their stories with every day. Ryan Coogler! Thank you forever for Wakanda! Lady Gaga, you gave us the Chromatica Ball and I celebrated my American citizenship with jazz and piano. Thanks for the music and Haus Labs! -Jaz Tangkai, editor of Craftsmen magazine

The purple sticker on my iPhone screen is thanks to Apple Podcasts. 2022 was the year I fell in love with podcasting, and especially with the unique possibilities offered by audio storytelling in a multi-episode non-fiction format. It is a theater of imagination that makes your eyes stop after looking at the screen. Some of my favorites this year include The Sunshine Place, Rachel Maddow Presents. Ultra, Obscene. Dublin Scandal, The Wolves Within, John Queen, Project Unabom, Learning Texas” and “Buffy”. Among the series of the era, there is no series that I look forward to more than the British scandal . Cynthia Little, Associate Editor.

bear season 2 fx jeremy allan blanc ayo © FX Networks Bear Season 2 FX Jeremy Allan Blanc Ayo

The Marvel, Star Wars and Game of Thrones madness finally paid off this year with Andor, She-Hulk and Dragon House. How many of this year’s best movies and TV shows started with the letter B, such as Bodies Bodies Bodies, Better Call Saul, The Barbarian, Banshees of Inisherin, The Bear, The Batman and Black Panther. Wakanda Forever: Kudos to Brockhampton (the other “B”) for giving us two incredibly interesting albums and being the best boy band since One Direction. After all, the never-ending corporate drama that’s about as compelling as a season of Continuity , especially thanks to the drama No Worries Honey , has Warner Bros. The discovery and return of the King unites Bob Iger. – Jordan Morrow, managing editor, Internet News

I am grateful for how visually and emotionally moving Each Place is and what it has done for me during a critical transition period in my life. It was the first movie I watched after my first daughter Zahra was born. I love how Michelle Yeo and Stephanie Hsu explore the beautifully complex relationship between mother and daughter. Watching this movie as a new mom helped me realize that there will be many ups and downs, many questions (many unanswered), but in the end it will all be worth it for the love and bond that mother and daughter will share – Sharare Drury, Associate Editor

Thank you for the amazing TV of 2022, which is, in no particular order, White Lotus, The Gap, The Bear, Tank Dogs, Abbott Elementary, Crime Alone in the Building, Stranger Things, School Walkout, and Us: We Do. It’s in the shade.’ I also enjoyed a number of docu-series this year, including The Way Down (filmed last year but watched this year), The Oath season 2, and the final season of The Real Housewives of Beverly. Hills. (true crime well done). I’ve also been blessed with the recent seasons of Better Call Saul, Ozark (loved it, sue me), and Dead to Me, all of which complemented their stories with art. I will miss Editor-in-Chief Kate Otur

Thanks for a great year in Latin music! Many exciting new artists and styles are emerging in communities around the world, and many young artists are beginning to explore new genres in the post-streaming world. It was incredibly inspiring to witness the commitment and sensitivity of these musicians: Tanya Garcia, Assistant Music Editor

Beyoncé's Renaissance album © Beyonce / Beyonce Renaissance Album by Mason Poole

I fell to the floor in appreciation of Beyoncé’s “Rebirth.” The vibrancy of his craft and his bold decision to make the world dance when the apocalyptic vibes have never been so strong is such a gift. Just the rap from “Heated” made me want to skip ahead to 2023. Thanks to my friend and stepson Matt Donnelly, Senior Entertainment and Media Writer

While it’s tempting to celebrate Beyoncé’s Revival album, which is indeed the gift that keeps on giving (and will keep on giving after I get the pictures), here are a few things I’m thankful for this year. including. Abbott Elementary, the return of live festivals like TIFF and San Diego Comic-Con, a meet and greet with Georgia Bulldogs National Champion and Oprah Senior Entertainment Writer Angelica Jackson .

First of all, I would like to thank “Atlanta”. While I’m heartbroken that it’s all over, this sense of finality only makes the love and admiration I have for the show while it’s on the air even clearer. I am grateful for all the risks he took and his genuine indifference to convention. Grateful for my continued “ongoing” craziness (I know I’m incredibly late, but I get it now). I am grateful for Kendrick Lamar and his powerful and expressive act. I appreciate that Drake managed to put out a decent album (although I was a loyal fan of “Honestly, Nevermind”) and the masterpiece “Hours In Silence”. Thanks to When the Sparks by Vince Staples. Thank you Soccer Mom’s Bones. I’m grateful that Snail Mail’s Lindsay Jordan, who provided the soundtrack for much of 2022, convinced me not to sell the PS5 after our lunch interview. I’m grateful to have been able to see so many artists that represent the world to me in concert this year, including Kendrick Lamar, Kid Cudi, The Weeknd, Vince Staples, Haim, Lorde, Snail Mail, Clairo, Pierre Bourne. . and many others. I am so grateful that everything I have seen, heard, experienced, or done this year has brought pure joy to this child version of me more than anything else; – EJ Panaligan, editorial intern

Besides being so grateful for the highly creative and hardworking web team that keeps Variety.com running every day of the week, I’m always touched by friends recommending vintage treasures that I can refer to. Some of my old favorites that are new to me in 2022: Clint Eastwood’s 1984 film Tightrope. UFO’s 1977 album Lights Out, an explosive mix of hard rock and lush melodies; Kolchak.

Body Body Body © Gwen Capistran/A24 Corps Corps Corps

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Thank you for movies like The Good House, a true coming-of-age movie in a genre rarely seen in theaters anymore. With Sigourney Weaver’s strong performance as a small-town real estate agent who can’t control her drinking and Kevin Kline’s understated performance, the summer outing was refreshing and full of human emotion. came in a busy season of superheroes. Thanks also to movies like Moonage Daydream, a smart horror, sexy old women and a sexy Parisian, and ambitious and exciting swing. Reflecting the genius of David Bowie – Pat Saperstein, Associate Editor

I am grateful for all the proud and truly queer actors, musicians, creators and content that continue to flow from Hollywood. I wish I had all of these struggles with my identity when I was a kid, but I’m so grateful that today’s LGBTQ youth are able to represent themselves so beautifully. In particular, I’m grateful for Barbra Streisand’s Live at the Bon Soir, Russell Tovey’s ears in American Horror Story; Legacy at Geffen Playhouse, New York, Jared Carmichael, Hannah Waddingham, Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade, Anderson Copper’s Emmy appearance. Luke Macfarlane, Billy Porter, Diane Keaton say ‘I’m crazy’ and Julia Fox turns into ‘Masterpiece’ Podcast – Mark Mulkin, Culture & Events Editor

As this is my first year at Variety , I’m excited to be here and contribute to the most-read entertainment business on the web every day (according to Comscore): Zach Scharf, Chief Digital Officer.

I’m grateful that the world has completely opened up in 2022. People are traveling again and we are reunited in real life. I’m also thankful that the festival circuit has been revived this year, especially in Cannes and Venice, which have staged glamorous releases full of great films like Elvis, The Son and The Whale. Yes, attending festivals and events is sometimes tiring, but that’s the essence of what we do. Socializing with people and watching movies on the big screen is what makes this job so enjoyable and unexpected. I also enjoy working with some of the best journalists in the entertainment industry. — Elsa Keslasi, senior international editor

I’m grateful for the return of great shows like Ghostbusters on CBS, Cobra Kai on Netflix, Star Trek. Prodigy on Paramount+ and Barry on HBO. I’m also thankful that I watched The Last Kingdom and the end of Derry Girls on Netflix. And with all the turmoil in the industry in recent years, I’m grateful to know that no matter what, quality content always wins. Joe Otterson, CEO of Television

Jennifer Coolidge debuts on HBO © Fabio Lovino/HBO . Jennifer Coolidge debuts on HBO

I am grateful to the talented artists who are getting the second curtain they deserve. Brendan FraserOscar? Yes thanks. Is Lindsay Lohan the holiday movie of the season? Yes, and give me more Jennifer Coolidge (and White Lotus) any day of the week – Elizabeth Wagmeister, Chief Correspondent

I’m always so grateful for the One Chicago shows that allow me to enjoy three hours and invest in the stories of many characters that have nothing to do with my real life; Emily Longeretta, television editor.

I’m grateful for all the movie highlights, including lots of asses and severed fingers, teenage cannibals, two airplane movies with Glenn Powell, the return of my childhood idols Short Circuit and Link, Kate Hudson’s The Bird, rediscovered love and two robots on Mars. and a small shell named Marcel. I can’t forget how my TV siblings have expanded my inner circle to now include Misty, Max, Barbara Howard, Armand, Noho Hank, Burt Goodman and Mabel Morrow. And of course my Variety family is here and gone, love you all – Clayton Davis, Awards Editor

This year I am thankful for the music of Carol Ades, Medium Build, webcage, Jason Derulo and Charli XCX. I’m also thankful that Twitter isn’t dead (yet) – Rachel Seo, Social Media Coordinator

I am grateful that I have the Venice Film Festival, Luca Guadagnino and Maneskin, who have given me hope and optimistic stories to write in Italy, where I live in a country that has fallen into a terrible right-wing spiral.- Nick Vivarelli Italy Correspondent and the Middle East

I thank you for everything, everywhere, at once, Oni. For Thunder God’s Tale and many other projects that have caught the attention of Asian artists this year. Also, thanks to all the red carpets I’ve walked, especially the one where James Hong wore a hot dog glove in the middle of our interview (you know) – Michaela Zee, Editorial Intern

Better call Saul © AMC Better-Call-Saul

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This year I’m thankful for Big Thief and the amazing new 1975 soundtrack, Kate Berlant’s solo concert, Robert Glasper’s residency at the Blue Note, Jackass Forever, and one of the best series debuts (Severance) and best series finale (Better). Call Saul”) by Ethan Shanfeld, Associate Professor of Web Writing recently

Thanks to Reboot for a good laugh, Top Chef and Patisserie UK for letting me relax after a busy and busy week – Shali Dore, News Editor

Thanks for Ricky Gervais’ After Life on Netflix, which is even more special for me now, for the second time and with my cancer diagnosis. It is important to remember that laughter is the best medicine. Terry Flores, Production Editor

I am grateful for Lizzie McAlpine’s beautiful album Five Seconds Flat, which has been the soundtrack to my life this year. Stefan Katz, Social Media Editor.

Each year I am more grateful to be able to surround myself with loved ones as I share the joy of another successful Fun November. Good evening to all mentioned. – Jackson Murphy, Associate Editor, News

All at once and everywhere © Courtesy of Variety Everywhere, all at once

I’m grateful to Michelle Yeoh, comeback king Ke Hui Guan, Daniels, and everyone else involved for making me laugh and cry at once, and for finally giving me an award-winning Halloween costume this year: Janelle Riley, Associate Features. Publisher:

My heroes of the show: life and we all must obey both. Whether it’s signing autographs and selfies for his countless fans, pulling off stunts, breaking box office records, or shooting a movie on a spooky space station, Tom Cruise is ready to prove that the only way to approach 60 is at full speed. . Taylor Swift for giving the current generation what previous generations needed and appreciated; Cockroaches. If you are willing to risk everything for the truth, a Breton classic to wake up everyone possible in independent cinema. Taylor Sheridan to show that writers can matter, that writers can change businesses, that writers can remind us that the United States is made up of countries outside of Los Angeles and New York. Despite the woes of old age, the loss of Charlie Watts, naysayers and the laws of gravity, the Rolling Stones will continue to deliver good vibes to fans around the world. Marianne Faithful is the last living goddess of beat culture. Bob Dylan will be the beacon, Donovan the beacon, Mavis Staples the light. Dave Chappelle will explain to Trump. Because Van Morrison doesn’t make things easy all of a sudden. To Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and Dolly Parton for not putting the last light on country music in the big road house called Country. A distinction that allows me to travel around Kentucky in search of my “American dream.” Addresses of my homeland: London is home, Sardinia is heaven. My friends and family. All of you who smile even when your heart aches – Steve Gaydos, Executive Vice President of Global Content

Thankfully, there are finally Oscar nominees who can carry on and keep the show going, and I hope the Academy doesn’t relegate the crafting categories to secondary status. Thankfully, the Taylor Swift Ticketmaster debacle shows that even in the age of small personal screens, live events are still a powerful force in entertainment. We are grateful for the rise of ad-supported streaming because it gives us more choice and justifies the old multi- channel cable model that now relies on new technologies;

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From Luca Guadagnino’s Bones and All to the fast-paced Apple TV+ series The Gap, I’m thankful for a year of compelling and emotionally stimulating stories. What many of last year’s critically acclaimed films and series have in common is a shared curiosity about what it really means to be human, a question I find myself asking more and more. But the most impressive cinematography to come out in 2022 is undoubtedly Everything, Everywhere, Now. An all-star performance by Michelle Yeoh, Ke Hui Guan and Stephanie Hsu combined with an emotional soundtrack by Son Lux makes this genre film a masterfully crafted work of art – Katsi Reul, Editorial Intern

I am thankful for Abbott Elementary. U centry getaga autentychnaga i vyasyolaga show – nastawniki dzyarjawnay school, you have one of my best, shchryya i chasta smechnyya syuzhetnыya linii. I love it. And Quinta? As Yae — Lauren Ames, strategist, Variety Content Studio

Symposium: 5 p.m. (8:00-8:30 p.m. ET/FOXPT) featuring Evergreen Terrace programs, such as "The Wayz We Were." THE SIMPSANS © 2021 by 20e Television. © Fox THE SIMPSANE: Evergreen Terrace programs, such as Evergreen Terrace featuring an episode of “The Wayz We Were,” 5 p.m. (8:00-8:00 ETFOPT/3). THE SIMPSANS © 2021 by 20e Television.

Pa mery stalennya maіx dzyacey – u 17 and 13 gadow yani ledzь “dzecі” – ya staў kryhu adluchanym baцькам-клише, what does it write that aposhnymi memami or nothing new. Gulnya. (Good, ya nikoli vedayu, shto takoe krutaya novaya vіdeagulnya.) Ale o svece pop-culury, yaya pastayanna зменяецца, u nasikh svetah ehliyet adna kanstanta, yaguy mae dzécí lyubyatsy na pratsyagu mnogi: ». Bazavaya animation ishnue so it can be said that I am over 17 years old. Here’s how to buy 700+ episodes on Disney+ – here’s why. Universal Studios (Джякуй, Антония!) is very famous in the world of “The Simpsons” and is very popular in the world. Come on. Children can get old, and my time with them, unfortunately, is fleeting. Ale “The Simpsons” scattered nazaўsyody – i buducь u nashy jiccі bir toe, shto my taksama будум дёлиць евна. I am grateful for that. – Michael Schneider, TV anchor

I have many beautiful things…i or nothing at all. In fact, if you don’t know the language in the middle of the channel, you will want to pay the price. Bir pryhіlnіk kno i kamdyi, a taksama muzyki, ya adchuvaw radascь ad tago, o znovuku perajyvaw kinafestyvalu va retraspektіvnyya packazı, any zarabili perapynak or other me zarabіi perapynak; “Netflix and Chill” is not the same as full house and chill. As a result, it could be used more in my opinion.

1) The most famous artists of the 70s and 80s work with good electricity. It is obvious that I am typical. All of this has been going on for over 75 years, any show, any show, anything, any Hollywood show. . Long Beach and Santa Barbara played Boba Dylan and a group show. Movis Staples adkryvae Bonnie Raitt and The Greek u saprawsdnı vechar gerani usih chasou. Actually, Polly Saiman, who is not very familiar with Pantages, is very pleased with her. I, Vyadom, Paul McCartney Stadium SoFi, знов зрабівы «Kanets» pamylkovym. Nerves zza ix uzrostu manym z gettyh vykanowsaw pryshlosya babaojnichacy u ahownikh burbalkah, bowl side and ih atachenne magli daluchacca da nas na scene kojny wechar, i my dzyakuem im za dadakovyya without. How low will you go if you can’t do everything you need to?

2) She returned to film festivals. For me, for my religion, radasky riteal kojny год вечратца на кинафестиваль u Teluridze, festыval, which holiday should be celebrated, complectation for any curatorship and svejym pavetram. Los-Andjelese robyatsy gorad ulasnym Shangry-La, there is a new film with “Strachany garyzont”. That’s why TCM, as strong adsutnasc as it is Noir-Sici (it has this Galivudskim lagi, pakkul omipetski patterned power) protects it. Contact Palm-Sprungs. Why is sitting on the sofa not comparable to the realization that a thousand strangers feel such emotional experiences, one and the other.

3) Who remembers the smile? Yes, Robert, my Rob. I can use it several times, Zooms software, i have this new program, is there any innovation. . All this is created by UnCabaret and admin. speak the truth, with joy and, perhaps, with a small body. (Akramya togo, monospektakl Edelman “Only for us” has become one of the theater sensations of the year, aa awdyyakniga Lapіdesa “Takim chinam, vam treba razut” – geta skarb, yaki moja zmіcі).

4) Danny Elfman, rock and roll sounds. There are apps for demands, any app, any challenge (along with the Talking Heads app). There’s a great thing about the Hollywood Bowl, like Elfman played more roles, there’s a great thing about the Hollywood Bowl. I can contact Elfman , I probably do very well (there is a group of group parties, “White Noise” or “Dr. music critic

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