What Happened Between Ellie Goulding, Ed Sheeran And Niall Horan? Cheating Rumors Explained

What Happened Between Ellie Goulding, Ed Sheeran And Niall Horan? Cheating Rumors Explained

After long waiting! Ellie Goulding has finally addressed the rumors that Ed Sheeran cheated on Niall Horan and set the record straight.

But what really happened between the three singers? Read on for more details.

Ellie Goulding cheated on Ed Sheeran with Niall Horan?

According to the "Love Me Like You Do" singer, no, he didn't. After she posted a TikTok video of Ellie dancing to Harry Styles "as it were" on New Year's Eve, one commenter called her and said, "I can't believe you cheated on Ed with Niall but you killed him."

For her part, the British singer praised, saying: "Wrong!!!!! But also to die for."

Looks like the comment has been deleted.

How did the Ellie Goulding, Ed Sheeran and Niall Horan rumors start?

For years, Ed's song "Don't" from his 2014 album X was rumored to be about his relationship with former One Direction member Ellie.

"I wish I wrote it like I did/How confused I was when he kissed me/Now he has to understand, 'Cause I'm sitting here singing," reads one line of the lyrics, and the fan replies that it's been a wait. Long Hypothetically describes the whole situation. Elsewhere in the song Ed stated that he was "never seen as a threat, until, of course, to disappear to have sex with him".

Basically, the three singers performed at the V Festival in 2013 and that is where the alleged relationship took place after Niall was seen making advances on Ellie at the event.

Immediately after the song was released, the "Lego House" musician denied the song's meaning, though speculation was rife. For his part, Ed told Entertainment Weekly in 2015 that he is "never guarded" about who the song is.

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"What happened, he added, was that a newspaper in England had just confirmed it, though it never happened. We called them and they stopped the story. But, of course, the damage was done by then, as every other newspaper noted. So I never confirmed it."

How long have Ellie Goulding and Ed Sheeran been a couple?

In 2013, she hinted at their past relationship during a radio interview after the singer was seen holding hands backstage at the MTV Video Music Awards.

"I mean, normal people don't hold hands when they're just friends," he told Washington radio station Click 98.9 in a September 2013 interview. “It happens. And now it doesn't.”

For her part, Ellie seemed to deny that they were a couple.

She tweeted at the time: "I love holding hands with my friends means we are an item." In this case, I have many connections. Lovers not haters.

For his part, Niall had no drama to speak of.

Ellie Goulding responds to rumors of cheating on Ed Sheeran and Niall Horan | Brief information

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