Trump Tried To Call In To Fox News As The Capitol Riot Unfolded But The Network Refused To Put Him On Air, New Filing Claims

Trump Tried To Call In To Fox News As The Capitol Riot Unfolded But The Network Refused To Put Him On Air, New Filing Claims

  • According to the suit, Donald Trump tried to contact Fox News when a riot broke out at the Capitol.

  • The station refused to broadcast it, considering it "irresponsible".

  • The lawsuit forms part of a defamation lawsuit that Dominion Voting Systems has brought against the network.

Donald Trump tried to call Fox News on January 6, 2021, as his supporters stormed the Capitol, but the network refused to air it, according to a new lawsuit.

The filing, quoting Fox Business Network president Lauren Peterson, said that network executives felt the broadcast was "irresponsible" and that it "could negatively affect a large number of people."

The revelations were made Thursday in a 200-page filing by attorneys for Dominion Voting Systems in a defamation lawsuit against the network.

A source told CNN that the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attacks was unaware that Trump had called Lou Dobbs Business Network.

Dobbs' show, in which he frequently promoted conspiracy theories about voter fraud, was canceled after weeks of rioting.

“On the afternoon of January 6, following the attack on the Capitol, then-President Trump called The Lou Dobbs Show to try to get it on the air,” Dominion attorneys wrote in a statement. “But the Fox management rejected the decision. Why? Not for lack of media value.” 6 January is a historic event in all respects.President Trump was not just a sitting president, he was a key figure at the time.

Lawyers say the network is not broadcasting Trump because it is irresponsible and could negatively affect people, but that hasn't stopped them from promoting conspiracy theories that voting technology companies helped rig the 2020 presidential election.

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"Not only have these allegations caused serious harm to Dominion and its partners, but they are based on verifiable falsehoods and will be reported by an accurate and impartial report," the statement said.

Dominion's lawsuit, which seeks $1.6 billion in damages, alleges that the chain chose to publish allegations of voter fraud to serve its business interests, and as a result, Dominion was defamed and its employees subjected to harassment and death threats.

Fox News defended itself by claiming that it had fairly reported the major news reported by the current President of the United States about widespread voter fraud.

"Dominion's motion for summary judgment takes an extreme and baseless view of libel law and is based on finding facts that have no basis in records," a Fox News spokesperson previously told Insider about Thursday's court order.

“Dominion misrepresented notes, deleted selected quotes, removed key context, and spilled a lot of ink on irrelevant facts based on principles of libel law.”

The lengthy court filing also cited text messages between the anchor and Fox News executives in which they privately mocked voter fraud conspiracy theories supporting Trump, even though they continued to air them.

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