The Sandman’s Jenna Coleman Had Delightful Reaction To Keanu Reeves’ Constantine Sequel News

The Sandman's Jenna Coleman Had Delightful Reaction To Keanu Reeves' Constantine Sequel News

As with any adaptation of a previous work, the Netflix series Sandman has made some tweaks to the original stories by Neil Gaiman. Among them, mystery detective John Constantine was cast as Joanna Constantine, and Dr. Gina Colman played dual roles as her and her eponymous predecessor in the 18th century. Speaking of Constantine, it was recently announced that Keanu Reeves will reprise his role as John Constantine, and Coleman responded to the DC movie news.

In case you missed the September announcement, Keanu Reeves meets Constantine director Francis Lawrence for a sequel written by Akira Goldsman. Reeves was the first actor to play John Constantine on live TV, and two years after finding out that both Reeves and Lawrence were about to face off against Constantine 2 , it's happening now! In an interview with THR, Jenna Coleman was asked how she felt about "meeting" the role of Constantine and somehow taking on the role, and she replied:

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