The 10 Best Jimi Hendrix Quotes About Politics, Spirituality, And Life

The 10 Best Jimi Hendrix Quotes About Politics, Spirituality, And Life

Rock legend Jimi Hendrix lived to be 27 years old, but is considered by many to be wise beyond his years. The young rock star often shares his thoughts on topics like politics and spirituality, and many of these quotes have stood the test of time, just as relevant today as they were half a century ago.

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Jimi Hendrix Quotes on Politics

  • "Politics is old stuff. Anybody can turn around and shake hands with the kids and kiss mom and say it's okay. But you see, you can't do that in music. Music doesn't lie. I agree "That gets misunderstood, but it can't be wrong. When there's a big change in the world, it's usually something like art and music that changes it. Music will change the world next time."
  • “You know, when you're young most people are very excited, but then you graduate from law school and you end up in your little plastic cage. You can take over the family business. I want to do it from time to time. Sometimes I want to go to the mountains, but I stay. Something is meant to exist and carry a message."
  • “[A]nyone can protest. … For records or whatever you use for music, anyone can complain, but hardly anyone has tried to find a workable solution, at least a temporary one, you know.
  • “[It's] waiting to set in, people will start going against themselves, like black against white, yellow against pink and everything in between. But that's not an idea. … The concept was new against old, and the founders played with it, pitting different colors against each other to corrupt the younger generation.
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Jimi Hendrix Quotes on Spirituality

  • “I think religion is a bunch of bullshit. They are simply man-made, trying to become what one is not capable of being. And there are so many different variations, all trying to say the same thing, but they are so cheeky that they are always adding their part. I am currently working on my religion, which is life."
  • “I really don't think… there is more to psychic mediation than daydreaming. If you really believe in yourself, you can do it yourself."

Quotes about the life of Jimi Hendrix

  • "There's no age limit; I can't remember, because a man really ages not by the number of years, but by the number of miles driven, you know? How that keeps his mind active and creative."
  • “I am a bit quiet, a bit inactive. I don't talk much all the time. What should I say, I say it with my guitar".
  • “I am here to communicate. This is the reason why I stay close; This is what it is. I want to get people excited and let them know what's going on. Even if they have a 9 to 5 job and a family and the TV is on, the important thing is that they stay."
  • “Your body is simply a physical vehicle that allows you to get from one place to another without much difficulty. … Those who fear death are a case of total insecurity. That's why the world is in chaos right now, because people trust too much what they see and not what they hear."

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