‘Teen Mom OG Alum Farrah Abraham Is ‘Shocked Daughter Sophia Is Dating ‘Before Her


‘Teen Mom OG Alum Farrah Abraham Is ‘Shocked Daughter Sophia Is Dating ‘Before Her

Abraham's family has a new member. Teen mom OG Princess Farrah Abraham is officially dating alum Sophia Abraham, but luckily for the young reality TV star, she's shown her approval of the relationship.

"I'm talking about therapy," joked Farrah, 31, in an interview with In Touch . "He's a good boy or I'll do it," the single mother said of her son's boyfriend.

"He gave me a teddy bear," Sophia, 13, first revealed about her partner in an August TikTok video of the pair enjoying a day at Build-A-Bear.

"There were definitely ups and downs," he said when asked if his mother agreed that he and his girlfriend met at the Paramount Theater songwriting camp.

"I think you can tell Sofia is only committed to her boyfriend," the former MTV star said. "Whenever they're together, they have great music."

Finally coming to terms with her daughter's relationship, "every day is a new day" as she raises her teenage daughter, Farrah says, adding that "Sofia was a little nervous before she met him."

"This is something I need to talk to my therapist about," he said. But I definitely have limitations. Oh, but I'm glad, I'm glad Sofia got to meet them. It's legal now.

My Teenage Dream Is Over is no stranger to shaming her mother: Sofia recently came under fire for allowing him to stab her in the face on her 13th birthday, though she stood by her decision.

"Sofia did nothing wrong and I'm happy that Sofia got her nose pierced and she's definitely taking the internet by storm. There are many other 13-year-olds who have had their noses pierced," Farah told Inky .

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"Some of Sophia's friends were unlucky enough to have a mother and get their nose pierced at home, and I was like, 'Oh my God, this is scary,'" she continued. "If it's permanent and not legal, I'll support it and help. Sofia just got her cousin's nose pierced. It's like getting nose piercings everywhere," she added, adding that she's "not open" to tattoos.

Farrah shares her only daughter with her high school sweetheart, Derek Underwood. Derrick In December 2008, she tragically died in a car accident while pregnant.

Teenage mother Farah Abraham shared the heartbreaking news about her 11-year-old son.


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