Taylor Swift Seemingly Shades Scooter Braun In ‘Karma Lyrics: ‘My Pennies Made Your Crown

Taylor Swift Seemingly Shades Scooter Braun In ‘Karma Lyrics: ‘My Pennies Made Your Crown

It's not over. Taylor Swift is the queen of Easter egg drops in her songs, and on her tenth album, Midnights , fans believe that "Karma" is about her feud with Scooter Braun . Read on for more details.

Is Taylor Swift's 'Karma' About Scooter Braun?

Taylor's song "Karma" is about this as it sings about a person who is "addicted to cheating".

"You're talking hell/Addicted to betrayal but you've met/Afraid to look down/Because if you dare you'll see all the people you've burned/You've burned yourself just to get there" sings the Grammy winner Spiderboy, King of Thieves/Your Leave the smell of the dark little web/Make my coin your crown/Fool me once, fool me twice/Don't you know it's not just money?/When you come back.

Swifties took to Twitter to share their thoughts on who Taylor was targeting with her words.

FYI for Swifties listening to "Vigilante Shit" and "Karma": Scooter Braun is an investor in 100 Thieves ("Think of Me Like Thieves With Your Ex-Wife" and "King of Thieves"), a fan tweeted. Another said, "I know Scooter Braun cries and kills."

Why did Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun fight?

In June 2019, the "Bad Blood" singer shared a lengthy message on his Tumblr account, expressing his anger at the sale of his former record label.

For years I longed for the opportunity to run my own business. Instead, I had the opportunity to record with Big Machine Records and receive an album for every new album I submitted. After the deal was signed, Scott Borchetta said, "I knew he was going to sell the label and my future," Taylor wrote at the time. "When I left my masters to Scott, I knew he would eventually sell them."

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Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that the ruler would be a roller. When Scott Porchetta closes my mouth at the words "Scooter Brown," I either cry or try not to. He knows what he's doing. ; Both did. Look at a woman who doesn't want to date them. Forever. That means forever."

He then learns that the scooter has possessed its masters at the same time as the rest of the world, which he describes as "the worst case".

The loving artist continued in his statement, “All I can think about is the constant and deceptive bullying at his hands over the years.

Six months after news of the sale broke, Scooter revealed the play at the 2019 Entertainment Industry Conference.

I didn't talk about it for six months. Not once. "I did not comment on the matter." "There's a lot of confusion when there's a lot to say and a lot of different opinions and managers don't get a chance to talk to each other. I'm not going to list it here because it's not my style. I think we live in a time of toxic division and people socialize. They don't want to talk to each other in the media. They think it's a country. And I don't like it when politicians do it, I don't like it. Whoever, and if I have to be the bad guy for a long time, I'm for a long time. There will be bad guys, but I'm not involved.

When Scooter finally re-sold Taylor's Masters in November 2020, Taylor decided to re-record her debut albums Fearless (Taylor's Version) and Red (Taylor's Version) , which were released in 2021.

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