Pzloz LED Desk Lamp lights up hot MacBook Pro setup

Something as simple as the right lamp can make a huge difference in a computer setup. Today’s sexy M3 Max MacBook Pro and Studio Display workstation benefits from a big, wide, clamp-on double-headed Pzloz LED Desk Lamp to brilliantly light the scene. So it seems sometimes an overhead lamp can beat a monitor light bar, … Read more

Modern floor lamp gives you 16 million color LED options for $60

Light up your home in 16 million colors with this smart LED floor lamp, now $60. Photo: Cult of Mac Deals You don’t need to completely revamp your home to make it feel new and cool again. Just a dash of color can completely change the mood of any space, and that’s easy (and affordable) … Read more

Smart light Notti is an LED table lamp with iPhone notifications

Save $15 on this smart light that pairs with your iPhone. Photo: Cult of Mac Deals If you’re looking for a stylish new LED table lamp that can set any mood, this one delivers — and it gives you notifications right from your iPhone. The Notti smart light hooks up to your smartphone through Bluetooth … Read more

Boring magnetic modular desk lamp with detachable light

If you need a versatile light for your office desk or home workspace you might be interested in a new magnetic modular desk light that features not only a wireless charger in the base but also a detachable light wand. The Boring Smart  Lamp is a sophisticated addition to any space, offering a blend of … Read more