Apple acquires fundamental AI smarts by buying DarwinAI

Can Apple buy its way to AI dominance? Image: Steve Johnson/Unsplash License/Cult of Mac Apple reportedly purchased DarwinAI, a small startup previously based in Waterloo, Ontario. The company developed software that might make artificial intelligence systems running on an iPhone or other computer more efficient. Apple promised that it’ll have big AI-related announcements later this … Read more

Apple Buys DarwinAI Ahead of Major Generative AI Updates Coming in iOS 18

Apple acquired Canada-based company DarwinAI earlier this year to build out its AI team, reports Bloomberg. DarwinAI created AI technology for inspecting components during the manufacturing process, and it also had a focus on making smaller and more efficient AI systems. DarwinAI’s website and social media accounts have been taken offline following Apple’s purchase. Dozens … Read more