Scientific Breakthrough Could Take Us Closer To Impactful Quantum Computers

Scientific Breakthrough Could Take Us Closer To Impactful Quantum Computers

In a world first, scientists from the University of Sussex and Universal Quantum, a university spin-off, have demonstrated that quantum bits (qubits) can be transferred directly between quantum computer microchips.

The discovery aims to solve fundamental societal challenges by building quantum computers with larger and more powerful capabilities, from developing medicines to creating new materials and solutions to climate change.

Experts estimate that millions of qubits would be needed to solve these problems, and current quantum computers operate on the order of 100 qubits, which are unattainable.

Professor Winfred Hensing, Professor of Technology, Quantum and Senior Scientist at the University of Sussex, said: "Ultimately, when building quantum computers, we are limited by the size of the microchip, which limits the number of quantum bits a chip can hold. Universal Quantum co-founder

As a solution, the research team created a new technology called "UQ Connect". This technique allowed researchers to use electric field couplings that allow qubits to move from one module of a quantum computer chip to another with speed and precision. Specifically, the researchers were able to transmit 2424 qubit ions per second with a success rate of 99.999993%.

"We knew that a modular approach to sufficiently computing quantum computing was necessary to solve rapidly changing industrial problems. By showing that you can connect two quantum computer chips like a puzzle, and most importantly, because it works so well, you open up the opportunity for growth by connecting hundreds or even thousands of quantum computer chips that Hensinger adds." .

In the field of entrepreneurship 2022, the Institute of Physics recently won Universal Quantum, which received €67 million from the German Aerospace Center (DLR) to build two quantum computers that will host new technologies.

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"The DLR contract is likely to be one of the largest government quantum computing contracts awarded to a single company. This is an excellent validation of our technology. Universal Quantum is now working hard to apply this technology to our future commercial vehicles," said Dr. Sebastian Weidt, CEO and Co-Founder of Universal Quantum and Senior Lecturer in Quantum Technology at the University of Sussex.

The full study can be found here.

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