Saying Goodbye To John Dutton? Why Fans Think Kevin Costner Is Leaving ‘Yellowstone

Saying Goodbye To John Dutton? Why Fans Think Kevin Costner Is Leaving ‘Yellowstone

saying goodbye Fans think Kevin Costner is preparing to leave the role of John Dutton in Yellowstone .

Rumors about the actor's whereabouts on the show began to surface in February 2023, when Deadline reported that sources shared that a disagreement over Kevin's filming schedule could lead to the series ending. The publication also reports that there is talk of a new series starring Matthew McConaughey. However, nothing has been confirmed.

Read on for everything we know so far.

Kevin Costner is leaving Yellowstone?

While the legendary actor remains tight-lipped about his future on the fan-favorite series, Paramount Network released a statement saying there was "no news yet."

"Kevin Costner is a big part of Yellowstone and we hope it stays that way for a long time," a spokesperson for Deadline said. "Thanks to the brilliant mind of Taylor Sheridan, we are still working to expand on the incredible world he has built in the franchise. Matthew McConaughey is an incredible talent and we would love to partner with him."

What did the actor say about the departure of Kevin Costner?

Amid ongoing speculation, Wes Bentley , who plays Kevin's adopted son Jamie Dutton, has admitted the bodyguard actor is considering a lead-free future.

"I was thinking about the first season," the American Horror Story alum explained to TV Line in February 2023. "Because on TV there's always a chance, right? We're always ready to die… [And John] has a hypnotic attraction to Jamie.

Is Yellowstone over?

No news regarding the final season has yet been received. The show premiered in June 2018 and has run for five seasons so far. At the same time, show creator Taylor already knows how events will unfold for the Dutton family.

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"It will take years to tell this story, but you won't see nine seasons," the Sons of Anarchy alum told The New York Times in December 2021.

Kevin, for his part, also teased the show's ending. The actor joked that all he wanted was to see the Dutton family reunite. Delusions!

"I hope things go really funny with a very dysfunctional family," the Fields of Dreams actor told Entertainment Tonight in March 2022.

Yellowstone: on whom Kevin Costner denies the rumors

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