Samsung Galaxy S24 hidden tips & tricks

The Samsung Galaxy S24 is a device brimming with features designed to elevate the user experience through customization and efficiency. If you’re looking to harness the full potential of your device, you’re in the right place. The video below from WhatGear will walk you through some of the most compelling hidden tips and tricks that can transform how you use your Samsung Galaxy S24.

Custom Fingerprint Actions: First off, did you know that your Galaxy S24 allows for custom fingerprint actions? That’s right, you can assign unique tasks to different fingerprints. Imagine unlocking your phone and launching Google Wallet with just the touch of your middle finger. This feature not only adds a layer of convenience but also speeds up access to your most-used apps directly from the lock screen.

Enhanced Always On Display: Next, let’s talk about personalizing the Always On Display. The Galaxy S24 enables you to use photos with transparent backgrounds to make your phone’s display truly yours. This not only enhances the visibility of your notifications and time but also adds a personal touch to your device even when the screen is off.

Photo Editing with AI: The phone’s advanced AI capabilities offer a significant upgrade in photo editing. Adjusting the size and position of subjects within images or filling in backgrounds seamlessly has never been easier. This AI-driven feature ensures that your photos look professional with minimal effort.

Creating Custom Wallpapers: For those who love to personalize every aspect of their device, the Galaxy S24 teaches you how to create unique wallpapers. By combining different stickers, you can design a phone that reflects your style and personality.

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Handwritten Note Conversion: The ability to convert handwritten notes into digital text using the phone’s camera is a boon for anyone looking to digitize their notes or documents efficiently. This feature saves time and makes organizing your digital documents a breeze.

Organizing Photos with Auto Albums: Keeping your photos organized is simpler with the auto-updating album feature. It automatically sorts photos by recognizing faces, which means finding pictures of your friends and family is now more straightforward.

Preventing Form Refresh: Have you ever been frustrated by forms refreshing and losing all your data when switching between apps? The Galaxy S24 offers a solution by allowing you to lock apps in the background, preserving your progress on any task.

Minimizing Call Interruptions: If you find incoming calls intrusive, the Galaxy S24 provides settings adjustments to make these notifications less disruptive, ensuring a smoother user experience.

Back Tap Actions: Borrowing a feature found in other smartphones, the Galaxy S24 introduces back tap actions for quick access to features or apps. This intuitive method allows for faster navigation and customization of your device.

Separate App Sound: For the multitaskers, the Separate App Sound feature is a game-changer. It allows you to play media from different apps through separate audio outputs. For instance, you can enjoy music through a Bluetooth speaker while watching a video on the phone’s speaker, optimizing your audio experience.

Mobile Hotspot Optimization: The Galaxy S24 offers tips for optimizing your mobile hotspot, including adjusting the Wi-Fi band and enabling Wi-Fi 6 for different uses like gaming. This ensures a stable and fast connection for all your devices.

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Quick Share Enhancements: Integration of Samsung’s Quick Share with Google’s Nearby Share now includes setting time limits on shared files for added privacy. This feature makes sharing files with friends and colleagues more secure and straightforward.

Reminder Alarms: Utilize the alarm feature for more than just waking up. Set visual reminders for recurring tasks, like taking out the recycling, using images as alarm backgrounds. This creative use of alarms helps keep your daily tasks organized.

S Pen Lock Screen Artwork: For Galaxy Ultra users, the device offers the ability to create custom lock screen artwork with the S Pen. This adds a personal and creative touch to your phone, making it stand out.

These hidden tips and tricks reveal the depth of customization and efficiency the Samsung Galaxy S24 offers. By exploring these features, you can enhance your user experience and make your device truly personal. Whether it’s through optimizing your productivity or expressing your style, the Galaxy S24 has something for everyone.

Source & Image Credit: WhatGear

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