DENVER, CO - APRIL 1: Denver Mayor Lisa Calderon answers a question during the Denver Post Mayoral Debate at Denver Fieldhouse on April 1, 2019 in Denver, Colorado. Denver Post political reporter Andrew Kenney moderated the discussion. To his right is mayoral candidate Penfield Tate. © Helen H. Richardson / The Denver Post / TNS Denver , Colorado – April 1: Denver mayoral candidate Lisa Calderon answers a question during the Denver Post mayoral debate at Denver Fieldhouse in Denver. Denver Post political reporter Andrew Kenney moderated the discussion. To his right is mayoral candidate Penfield Tate.

Lisa Calderon, a public figure and leader on the left in Denver politics, has announced her second run for mayor in 2023.

Calderon will submit his candidacy documents for the next municipal elections in April.

Calderon, currently executive director of Emerge Colorado, the local chapter of Emerge Colorado, a national organization dedicated to recruiting and training Democratic women to run for public office, is running for mayor in 2019. She ran for public office for the first time. He finished third behind Michael Hancock and Mayor Jamie Gillis.

Calderon, a black Latina, is running for re-election and told The Denver Post earlier this year that her main goal is to elect a woman of color as Denver mayor.

"If there is someone who has a great chance and reflects my values, it's not about me," he said then.

A poll conducted this summer by Emerge Colorado found that 60% of voters believe it is important to elect more women to political office.

Calderon now joins an already packed field of candidates that includes City Councilwoman Debbie Ortega, former president and chief executive officer of the Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce, Colorado State Rep. Leslie Herods and Kelly Brough.

"I am not a term-limited politician and I am not part of the Denver political machine," Calderon said in a statement. Despite the pandemic, I have fought for working families, affordable housing, safe communities, civil rights, and reproductive liberties that threaten our democracy.

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The fourth-generation Denver resident frequently clashed with Hancock and some members of his cabinet during his three terms as mayor, including former top City Council staffer Kandi Sidebaka. . He was a key member of the Task Force on Rethinking Community Policing and Safety, a group that issued 112 recommendations last year to improve how the city enforces the law. Those recommendations include ending strip searches of the homeless, creating safe drug use zones and reducing unnecessary police contact with residents.

In the year, He said that one of the cornerstones of Calderon's platform for the 2023 race is to restore trust in public institutions after deep political polarization and economic turmoil.

He laid out a vision for a Denver where we can invest in more affordable housing while preserving green spaces, where mental health services are available on demand, and where all neighborhoods are safe and accessible for pedestrians and people with disabilities.

"If we reimagine Denver, we can change how city government works and how the public perceives it," he said in a statement.

The company is led by Sarah Lake, who led the successful Ion the Arena bond campaign last fall to win a $190 million pledge to build a new arena and finance other projects on National Western's campus.

Calderon, Oct. 22 from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Whittier Cafe, 1710 E. 25th Ave. He plans to make a company presentation.

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