Ontario Curling Club Helps Winter Sport Cross The Sault Border

Ontario Curling Club Helps Winter Sport Cross The Sault Border

Saul St. Maria even though they live on the Canadian border and have perfect snow sports weather, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan does not have a curling league or team.

A fun way to introduce Sault Ste. residents to one of Michigan's most popular winter sports. Marie, Ontario is setting up a curling training center this year.

"I'm excited to announce that we will be hosting a curling clinic in the city this year," City Manager Brian Chapman said at the Feb. 6 City Commission meeting. – We have the stones and are ready to host this clinic. To get started on Curling 101."

At the meeting, Chapman announced that the city will host a regular curling clinic at the Kane Rink starting this year. Although the clinic will eventually move to the ski resort in Pullara, construction is scheduled to take place this year.

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With the help of Canadian Curling Club Sue Curlers, curling lessons are held regularly in the city, starting with the basics. The Sou Curlers Club offers a variety of classes and leagues for the residents of Sou, Ontario. This will be their first event in Michigan.

"The crew worked from Ontario to bring the salt to Michigan," Chapman said. "The Ontario Club is willing to come and teach for free."

Although official dates and times have not yet been announced, classes are expected to be held later this year. The city made an agreement to allow the Salt schools to participate in classes to develop the curling team.

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"We're trying to do something different with Reels," Chapman said. "Hopefully it will be with Kane next year and beyond."

Check the Sault Ste website for updates. Mary's Facebook page.

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This article originally appeared in The Sault News: Ontario curling club supports winter sports across the Sault border.

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