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Porsche has unveiled its new Panamera, this is the third generation Porsche Panamera and the car comes with a range of upgrades over the previous models. This includes a new design, improved performance, and the latest technology.

Pricing for the new V6 Panamera will start at £79,500 in the UK and the top model, the Turbo which is now an E-Hybrid starts at £141,400 on the road in the UK, you can see more information below.

Porsche Panamera

The new Panamera already comes with dual-chamber two-valve air suspension with Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) as standard. The two-valve technology separates the rebound and compression stages of the damper control and therefore offers an even wider range between comfort and sportiness: the system noticeably dampens impacts from transverse joints and road damage while at the same time ensuring more body stability in dynamic driving situations. The car’s handling can be further improved thanks to optional all-wheel steering.

In addition, the innovative Porsche Active Ride active suspension system is available as an option for the E-Hybrid models of the new Panamera. This system surpasses other suspension concepts in all relevant parameters and offers an unprecedented range between driving comfort and driving dynamics. The basis for this is newly developed active shock absorbers – also with two-valve technology – each connected to an electrically operated hydraulic pump. This generates a volume flow in the damper according to demand and can therefore build up forces between the body and wheels in a lightning-fast, highly precise and targeted manner, which counteract and almost completely compensate for the forces resulting from the road excitation. A weight-saving single-chamber air-suspension system complements this technology.

Porsche Panamera

You can find out more details about the third-generation Porsche Panamera over at Porsche at the link below, the first deliveries of the latest Porsche sedan will start in March of 2024.

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