New Dacia Spring EV gets official

Dacia is launching a new electric vehicle in the UK, the Dacia Spring, and the car is designed to be an affordable electric vehicle, although the exact cost of this new EV has not been revealed as yet.

The Dacia Spring comes with a 65 horsepower electric motor and it features a 7-inch instrument display and a central 10-inch multimedia display, the car comes with an updated interior and exterior design.

Dacia Spring

Dacia’s first all-electric model, Spring is widely credited for making electric mobility accessible to all. First launched in 2021, it was the third most sold electric car to retail customers in 2022 and 2023. In total, more than 140,000 Dacia Spring have been registered worldwide since its launch.

Spring’s energy efficiency and carbon footprint were particularly praised in 2022, when it was awarded the maximum 5-star rating from the independent European organisation Green NCAP.

Dacia Spring is the perfect solution for people looking for simple, affordable and efficient zero-emission mobility. Data collected via the vehicle’s on-board connected systems shows that the average daily trip made by Spring drivers covers just 23 miles, at an average speed of only 23 mph. In 75% of cases, cars are recharged at home.

You can find out more details about the new Dacia Spring EV over at Dacia at the link below, the full UK pricing and specification on the car will be announced on the 12th of March, we will have more details then.

Source Dacia

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