Marvel Snap Featured And Hot Locations Explained

Marvel Snap Featured And Hot Locations Explained

The second developer dinner offers plenty of incentive to stay involved with Marvel Snap, especially with hot and popular spots. These in-game events make certain locations more likely to appear, motivating players to change their tables. But what are Favorites and Hotspots and when do they start? Here's what you need to know.

Decent location

Featured locations are the Marvel Snap events, which introduce multiple new locations at a faster pace. A new spot with 40 % of the audience premiered at the event. An example is Plunder Castle, where you can only play cards that cost 6 energy. "Special Places" airs every Tuesday at 10pm ET and runs for 48 hours .

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After the 48 hour period, the featured locations will be combined into a regular location pool with the possibility of appearing in the regular game. So even after the "Recommended Position" period has expired, it's a good idea to know the position in order to adjust whether or not it's displayed during gameplay.

Hot location

Hot spots are similar, but 60% of the time they focus only on regular pools. This means that you won't find new locations when hot locations are available, but instead you'll see locations that appear in regular games, such as Onslaught Citadel, Asgard, or Hala (among dozens of others). Hot Locations airs live on Saturdays at 10pm EST and runs for 24 hours only. Therefore, they have a higher view rate than selected countries, but only include countries you know.

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It's important to at least know the highlights and common traits so you can build your deck around them or plan your matches. Even if you have a solid deck, you can easily miss certain points if you don't know how they work.

For example, if the hot spot is Luke's Bar (if you play a card here, return it to your hand), you'll want to equip a card with some type of effect that triggers every time it's played, like Scorpion or Iceman. . . Knowing this can turn the game in your favor.

For more information on deck building around the Arpila Castle location, visit our guide here.

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