Level 33 Entertainment Takes U.S. Rights For ‘Montréal Girls EFM


Level 33 Entertainment Takes U.S. Rights For ‘Montréal Girls  EFM

EXCLUSIVE: Los Angeles-based sales and distribution company Level 33 Entertainment has acquired the US rights to Canadian-Salvadoran director Patricia Chica 's Montreal Girls .

Newcomer Hakim Brahimi plays Rumi. A conservative youth embarks on a journey of self-discovery through Montreal's free-spirited subculture in search of love and enlightenment.

Bahijah Essouci and Samuel Gagnon of Montreal Girls Objective 9 are producing the film with Patricia Chika's production company Flirt Films. Chika also wrote the screenplay with American writer and director Kamal John Iskander.

The film deal was negotiated between Paul Kadier, Canadian distributor and executive producer of FilmOption International, and Andreas Olavaria, president and CEO of Level 33 Entertainment.

Patricia Chica's unique voice perfectly captures the passion and entertainment value of her independent film debut. Level 33 is honored to present this inspiring film to an American audience,” said Olavaria.

The film premiered last August at Cinequest in San Jose and won the Best Feature Film award at the Los Angeles International Film Festival in November.

In addition to Brahimi, Montreal Girls features veteran Canadian actors including Yasmina Parent, Sana Assad, Zed Hassouni, Thomas Vallière, Guillaume Rodrigue, Simon Therin, Marina Harvey and Nahema Ricci, as well as veteran Kibi Tanma. Ricky Chadi Alelu and Martin Dubreuil.

The film was made with financial support from Telefilm Canada, SODEC, and the Harold Greenberg Foundation, as well as national and regional tax incentives.

Executive producers Paul Cadier and Maryse Rouillard acted as investors through distribution company FilmOptions International.

The film also benefited from the ongoing TIFF Filmmaker Lab, USA + Canada, an award from the Polish studio ORKA which allowed the visual effects and animation for the title, and was supported by CFC/Slaight Family Canadian Music. Funds, ChicArt and flirting films.

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Patricia Chica is represented by Alex Flores of Mojo Global Arts in Los Angeles.

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