Khloe Kardashians Diet And Meal Plan: What The Reality Star Eats In A Day

Khloe Kardashians Diet And Meal Plan: What The Reality Star Eats In A Day

Perfect mother! Khloe Kardashian has gone through some amazing weight loss changes over the years, which may make you wonder: what does the Kardashian star eat in a day? Check out the details of her diet and meal plan below!

What diet does Khloe Kardashian follow?

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star admitted that she was "on a diet" after the birth of her daughter Tristan Thompson in April 2018. 

"If you want to lose significant weight, diet and exercise go hand in hand," Khloe explained in a video in May 2020 with sister Kourtney Kardashian, when a fan asked if her body toning "percentage" was the result of diet and exercise. . against. 

According to her dietitian, Khloe previously followed a "low-carbohydrate diet" full of "lots of protein" in order to feel fuller. 

At the same time, the Revenge Body host admitted that she "puts more effort into the gym" than to control her diet. "I really don't see what I'm eating in this world," the younger star said. “I don’t walk around with bags of chips all day. We have good food, but I love quesadillas. I love everything that feeds on the truth." 

While there are times when she is "trying to lose weight" and drop a few pounds, the mother of two, who adopted her and her son Tristan as a surrogate mother in July 2022, "said she didn't want to live a miserable life." life."

What does Khloe Kardashian eat in a day?

Chloe's nutritionist , Dr. Philip Goglia, previously revealed what the reality TV star recommends eating, telling Healthista in 2017, "We work with each client to determine their metabolic body type. People break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates. food."

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At the time, the founding nutritionist of Good America drank protein shakes in the morning with almond butter added to make them more filling before a workout. The lunch menu will include an iron-rich salad with spinach, beetroot and chicken. For dinner, Chloe likes finely chopped blue fish, such as salmon, sea bass or black cod with vegetables and salad. Meals include several snacks, which may consist of a cup of vegetables, a handful of nuts or fruit. 

“He has a plan whereby he trains for seven days and eats once,” Dr. Goglia explained at the time.

Chloe's biggest health tip? Wet! "Drink water!" Dr. Goglia insisted. "Regardless of her food choice or the day Khloe is always trying to maximize her water intake, make sure to properly hydrate your body."

How did Khloe Kardashian lose weight?

The businesswoman openly reflects on how her weight loss journey has been linked to stressful situations in her life, such as her divorce from ex-husband Lamar Odom , whom she separated from before their divorce was finalized in 2013.

"As for me, I've been overweight – not healthy – for most of my life," Khloe revealed on Jay Shetty's On Purpose podcast in October 2019. Meaningful and consistent for my mental health. I need to let go, feel energized and get rid of all these thoughts. And I wanted to be alone, and the only place you can be alone is sitting on the elliptical trainer with headphones in your ears and vibrating. 

The California native said the "weight loss" was a "side effect" of his gym workouts. "Then losing weight became a weird competition for me, like, 'I want to see if I can build muscle in my arms,'" he continued. “It all started there, but my goal was never, ‘I want to look good in a bikini. It was never my goal. I wanted to feel better mentally. And I think when you start putting yourself first, you feel really good about yourself."

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