Kate Hudson Reveals The New Sport Her Daughter Is Taking Up

Kate Hudson Reveals The New Sport Her Daughter Is Taking Up

There are also the perfect shoes for the queen of roses.

Kate Hudson officially became the mother of a football player.

In an Instagram post, Hudson shared a photo of her four-year-old daughter Rani Rose wearing white and pink Puma football boots. "Go!!! ⚽️,” he signed the post.

Jeremy Renner noted Queen Rose's interest in the game, commenting "SEE!!!!!!" He also added a separate caption with applause and a heart emoji.

Rani Rose often appears on her mother's Instagram, where Hudson shares the little girl's various interests. Outside of sports, Queen Rose seems to have inherited musical talent from her father, Danny Fujikawa . In one video, a child plays a glass harmonica.

The girl is also a big fan of clothes. In 2022, Hudson shared a cute photo of Queen Rose's makeup and said a child asked her to do a "rainbow face".

Queen Rose is Hudson's first daughter. The actress has two older sons Ryder and Bingham . In a 2019 interview with AOL , Hudson talked about raising his daughter after spending so much time in the boys' home.

"[Having a daughter] doesn't really change my style, but there is definitely a difference," she explained.

The “Glass Bow” star added, “I have to say that she is incredibly feminine in her energy, voice and demeanor. She is so different from the boys and buying clothes for kids is really fun. With the boys, it was like….she was actually playing.” good with boys But it was different with him. There are things to which I think: "I can't do this with him." Because he is much taller."

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