Jana Kramer Has A Complicated Dating History: Her ExBoyfriends, ExHusbands And ExFiances

Jana Kramer Has A Complicated Dating History: Her ExBoyfriends, ExHusbands And ExFiances

Lots to analyze . Jana Kramer is known for her dating history as well as her acting and singing career. The former One Tree Hill alum launched the Whine Down podcast in 2018, where she shared intimate details about her turbulent relationship with ex-husband Mike Kosin . However, the Michigan native has a history of dating full of bad endings.

Jana's most important relationship was with Mike, as they had a rocky romance from the start. They started dating in 2014 and the retired jock faced allegations of infidelity after Jana deleted all of his photos from her Instagram account. However, the following year they reconciled and got married. Shortly after their wedding in January 2016, the couple had a daughter, Jolie. Nearly three years later, the Holiday Fix Up star gave birth to their son, Jess.

Less than a year after Jolie's birth, and minutes before the live broadcast, Yana found out that Mike was having an affair. "I'll never forget it because I was like, 'How do I end all these feelings and then turn on the show?'" he recalls his appearance on Bobby Bones ' The BobbyCast podcast in 2019. “When I sang – it was a song that I didn’t have to give up – I just started crying… I needed to calm down, but it was hard.”

During their split in 2016, Mike entered a sex addiction treatment center. Despite staying sober and faithful for three years, the former athlete relapsed in 2019. Yana filed for divorce in April 2021, which was settled three months later.

The 'I Got the Boy' model maker spoke out about Mike's infidelity in an article he wrote for Good Morning America in 2019, showing that marriage is "worth fighting for."

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She explained, "Oddly enough, I'm grateful for that because over the years my relationships have improved, I've had the opportunity to learn so much about myself and who I am as a woman." thought I was too weak to hold on."

After Mike's divorce, Yana dated several men, including Kristin Cavallari 's ex- husband Jay Cutler . The couple began dating in September 2021, but briefly and casually.

“Obviously everything about Jay was announced because we are dating and he is a very public person so obviously he is dating, but I never talked about it because I don’t know what it is,” she said in December. 2021 podcast episode. "Just because I'm dating someone doesn't mean we're exclusive and he's my boyfriend. You were never my friend."

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