How Kim Mulkey, LSU Women’s Basketball Are Pacing A Multisport Surge For Tigers

How Kim Mulkey, LSU Women's Basketball Are Pacing A Multisport Surge For Tigers

Kim Malka had a year of the bear. He hopes to spend the Year of the Tiger at LSU.

In 2012, Kim Mulkey was an integral part of the Year of the Moon.

That same year, Baylor had many years of athleticism as Mulkey and his team led the way, going 40-0 to win the national championship, as Bears quarterback Robert Griffin III won the Heisman Trophy. while the men's basketball team won 30-0. 8. . The Elite Eight and baseball reach the Super Regionals.

3 GVE (28-2) tipped the odds against the No. 1 seed as they enter the NCAA Tournament for the second straight time, on course to become the No. 1 seed in basketball feminine. , ESPN2), Mulkey thinks the Year of the Tiger is coming soon to LSU.

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"The next three, four, five years here could be special," Mulkey said Thursday. “I do another sport. You want everyone to do well. You're selfish and territorial about some things in your program, let's be honest, but if you can help other people with their programs, that's fine with me. "SO."

Because Mulkey was hired before the 2021-22 season, no other LSU athletic program has been so successful in women's basketball. The Tigers have won 54 games so far, finished in the first two games of the Southeastern Conference in two consecutive seasons and are gaining more and more attention and glory in the sport.

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Brian Kelly led the LSU football team to a comeback in 2022 after a tumultuous time before his arrival. His team beat top teams in Tennessee and Alabama en route to winning SEC West.

LSU baseball is number one. Ranked No. 1 in the nation because Jay Johnson, who took over the program the same year as Mulkey, drafted the best players in the preseason. Tigers 16-1. LSU Softball takes first place. 10th in the country behind coach Beth Thorin.

And LSU gymnastics was in the top six in the preseason, and stars like Haley Bryant and Alia Finnegan were in the top six nationwide by sport.

Things are moving in the right direction at LSU.

Mulkey knows the men's soccer and basketball teams, the latter being completely rebuilt under first-year coach Matt McMahon, benefit the whole group: "We're fundraising," says -he.

But he hopes his program and his success will set the tone for a possible Year of the Tiger.

"I don't know if I'm in charge of other programs that claim greatness on their own. But I'm glad people think so. I have to think, I have to watch the softball team, what has made the softball team this year look what Brian Kelly did as a freshman,” Mulkey said.

"I would like someone to say, 'I try to stay with him. When I see this woman and her practice, I want to do what she is doing.'

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This article first appeared in the Lafayette Daily Advertiser: Kim Mulkey Hopes LSU Women's Basketball Sets the Standard for Other Teams.

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