Grads Of This Top Finance Masters Program Made Nearly $150K To Start

Grads Of This Top Finance Masters Program Made Nearly 0K To Start

MSc Finance graduates from Georgetown McDonough earn $146,000 to start with four or more years of work experience. Georgetown photo

From Washington, DC: The Class of 2022 master's in finance at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business achieved record graduate salary and career outcomes, according to MSF's annual Career Success Report.

Recent graduates earned a base salary of $119,199, up from $112,139 last year, with an average base salary of $105,000. For the fourth consecutive year, base pay remained in the six-figure range.

Those with four or more years of work experience earned an average base salary of $146,755, compared to $120,189 last year, with an average base salary of $129,000. Experienced graduates earned an average of $159,000 in non-base salary additional compensation, capped at $1.2 million. Six months after admission and graduation, the average base salary increased by 73%, and 86% of these graduates were promoted at their current company or accepted a position at another company.

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The class teachers of this year's University of Mississippi MBA program are (left to right): Sarah Keith Rushing, vice president of public affairs; Addie Gagnon, vice president of social events; Alexis Lee, vice president of human resources; Kendall Runzi, vice president of public works; Kylie Harrier, President; and Lee Ellis Grisham, vice president of finance. Photo by Ashley McGee

Led by a group of Mississippi State MBA Women Class Officers

From Oxford, Mississippi: For the first time since the University of Mississippi established its MBA program, its students will be led by a female faculty.

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This year's MBA class is led by:

  • President Kylie Harrier of St. Charles, Illinois

  • Kendall Ranzi, Festus, MO, vice president of public works

  • Alexis Lee, Stevens Point, Wis., vice president of Human Resources

  • Lee Ellis Grisham, Tupelo, VP Finance

  • Addie Gagnon, Silver Spring, Maryland, vice president, social events

  • Sarah Kate Rushing, Brookhaven, vice president of communications

“I am honored and fortunate to be on a team with such incredible women,” said Harrier, who earned a finance degree at UM before pursuing an MBA. “I never thought I would be working on this team.

"It's really inspiring to see a group of women leading our program."

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UConn Restructures MBA, Reduces Course Requirements

Van Storrs, Connecticut: The University of California, Connecticut School of Business has announced an overhaul of its MBA program, reducing the number of credits needed to complete the degree from 57 to 42 and changing its concentration and core courses.

John Elliott, dean of the University of California, Connecticut's School of Business, said the changes will make it easier and faster for students to earn an MBA.

Students can complete the requirements in as little as a year and at low cost if they actively pursue the degree, UConn said. Today, many students have a three-year plan.

The changes will take effect at the beginning of the fall semester

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Two years after completing the course Regional Sales Manager with an income of $150,000

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