Got the One UI 6.1 update? Try out these three fun AI features!

For Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 FE, Galaxy Z Fold 5, Galaxy Z Flip 5, and Galaxy Tab S9 owners, the One UI 6.1 brings the entire Galaxy AI experience over from the Galaxy S24 lineup.

The list of AI features you’re getting with One UI 6.1, if you have the right device, is long. Some of those features are designed to help increase your productivity, some help you communicate with people who may not speak your language by providing real-time translations, and a few of them serve to add a dash of fun to your day-to-day user experience.

To help you get started with Galaxy AI, it’s the fun part of the equation we’re going to focus on. Here are three AI features we think you should try out once you have the One UI 6.1 update installed on your device.

Generative wallpapers

It’s always good to start with the simpler things, and that’s where generative wallpapers come in. With Galaxy AI, Samsung provides you wallpaper customization unlike anything you have seen before on your Galaxy phone or tablet.

As the name suggests, you can use AI to generate custom wallpapers. You start by picking one of nine available themes and categories (Imaginary, Night, Painting, Terrain, Mineral, Luminous, Soft-focus, Translucent, and Bloom), each of which is associated with a certain pre-defined keyphrase with a few keywords that you can change.

Those keywords let you choose which objects, sceneries, or materials the wallpaper should be about and the overall color and tone of the wallpaper. Once you have made your selections, you hit the generate button and get a bunch of different wallpapers based on those keywords.

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Don’t like the results? That’s fine, because you can simply hit generate again to get new variations of wallpapers based on the same keywords. While the possiblities here aren’t truly endless, they aren’t far off, either, and you may just end up spending hours of your time on getting the most out of the feature.

Check out the video below and our guide on generative wallpapers for more details on how they work and what you can expect from them.

Manipulate photos by moving, rotating, or removing objects and people in them!

The Gallery app on Samsung phones and tablets has offered features like object removal for many years, but Galaxy AI takes it to a whole new level. You can now remove objects (or even people) from the image, move them around, rotate them, and resize them, and AI can generate new data and pixels to fix the void left behind by the moved or erased object to make it seem like nothing has really changed.

This feature, called Generative Edit, doesn’t always produce perfect results, but when it works, it works wonders. It also provides some semblance of safety against misuse of manipulated photos by putting a Galaxy AI watermark on all modified images.

To get started with Generative Edit, simply open an image in the Gallery, hit the pencil icon to open the photo editor, and tap the Generative Edit icon.

View normal videos in slow motion

Samsung has always offered an option to shoot slow motion videos using a phone’s camera or slow down an existing video using One UI’s built-in video editor, but what if you want to watch an existing video that wasn’t shot in slow motion without having to edit it?

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Instant Slo-mo is the answer. With Galaxy AI, you can slow down videos in the Gallery app by simply touching and holding the screen when the video is playing. This works with videos you captured using the camera and any videos you may have downloaded.

You can watch Instant Slo-mo in action in the video below.

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