Google Registry launches .ing top-level domain


Google Registry have announced  the launch of the new .ing top-level domain. Offering a fresh and versatile approach to online branding. This new development allows users to create websites with a single word finishing with the ing ending.

The .ing domain is not only unique but also versatile, offering an array of possibilities for its use. Whether it’s for personal or professional activities, the .ing domain can be tailored to suit various interests and activities. For instance, it can be used to denote actions such as making, giving, designing, and editing, among others. This flexibility makes the .ing domain a compelling choice for those seeking to establish a distinct online presence.

The introduction of the .ing domain has already been met with enthusiasm from several companies and platforms. Canva, a popular graphic design platform, has embraced this new development with domains such as and

Adobe Acrobat, a well-known document management platform, has also adopted the .ing domain with and Other early adopters include Going (, Giving Tuesday (, Mavericks Surf Awards (, Adapt (, (, The Inkbunny Studios (, Nom Bot Dumplings (, and The Swiss Association of Consulting Engineering Companies ( The adoption of the .ing domain by these companies underscores its potential to create a unique and memorable online identity.

Release and availability

For those interested in securing a .ing domain, the registration process is straightforward. The Early Access Period (EAP) offers an opportunity to register .ing domains for an additional one-time fee. This fee decreases daily until December 5, making it a cost-effective option for those eager to secure their preferred domain names. To register a .ing domain during the EAP, users can visit

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From December 5 at 16:00 UTC, the .ing domains will be publicly available at a base annual price through any chosen registrar. This move will open up the .ing domain to a broader audience, further increasing its potential impact on the digital landscape.

Build your website in a single word with .ing.,, — the possibilities are endless.

Ready, set, go

Use .ing to show your audience how you take action, no matter where you’re, what you’re, or how you’re

Short, memorable domain names

.Ing is a three-letter domain ending that enables opportunities for word play in a single word.

Get built-in security

The .ing top-level domain is included on the HSTS preload list, making HTTPS required on all connections to .ing websites and pages without needing individual HSTS registration or configuration.

The launch of the .ing top-level domain presents a unique opportunity for individuals and businesses to create a memorable online presence. Its versatility and the early adoption by several companies indicate a promising future for this new domain. As the .ing domain becomes more widely available, it will be interesting to see how it shapes the digital landscape in the coming years.

Source : Google

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