Good Samaritan rescues Floridian from a flaming vehicle.

Over the weekend in Florida, a good Samaritan’s prompt actions likely saved the life of a driver who slammed into a resale business.

Around 3:30 a.m., a drunk driver lost control of his SUV, smashed into The Second Time Around consignment boutique in Seminole. The Florida Highway Patrol notified FOX 13 Tampa Bay on Sunday.

“He would have been in those flames if I had been even 30 seconds late,” Travis DuPont, who was on his way home from work when he observed the incident and rushed over to aid, told the TV station.

Stephanie Turow captured the heroic rescue on camera. It shows DuPont dash over to the SUV, reach through the window, unbuckle the driver’s seatbelt, free his legs, and drag him out.

“The entire car was engulfed in flames in maybe 20-30 seconds,” Turow claimed. “It makes me want to cry right now because it was such a terrifying, terrifying moment.” And, yes, he is quite fortunate to be alive.”

DuPont stated that he realized he had to move quickly and hopes that others would have done the same.

“Everyone has that instinct to help,” he explained. “I just hope that when the going gets tough and that actually happens, everybody is capable of being a hero.”

Minor injuries were sustained by the driver, who was taken to the hospital. FHP had not charged him as of Tuesday. The consignment shop is now open again.

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