Georgia Voter Featured In Dinesh DSouzas Nutty ElectionDenial Doc Is Furious

Georgia Voter Featured In Dinesh DSouzas Nutty ElectionDenial Doc Is Furious

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In Dinesh D'Souza's underrated and underrated quasi-documentary 2000 Mules , he accuses some American voters of acting like "donkeys," rigging fake ballots to influence the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

These so-called messengers play a key role in the film, which uses surveillance footage of him putting ballot papers in the mailbox and allegedly arresting him for his crimes. As D'Souza's voiceover says, "What you see is evil. These are fake voices."

The only problem, of course, is that according to a voter who is considered a mule, they are all fake. Mark Andrews sued D'Souza on Wednesday, alleging that D'Souza and his associates falsely accused him of voter fraud by including "snippets of unsolicited pseudoscience and innocent voter surveillance videos" in the May 2022 documentary.

The 2,000 mules show that a fugitive Andrews dropped five ballots into Georgia mailboxes in 2020, according to his federal complaint. "In fact, the video clip shows Mr. Andrews legally voting for himself and his family, a method of voting expressly permitted by Georgia law," he said.

An investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation found Andrews innocent of wrongdoing and dismissed a complaint filed against him after the May documentary.

The lawsuit explains that: "The defendants knew at all times that their version of Mr. Andrews was a lie, as well as the entire 2,000 mule account." But they continue to spread lies to enrich themselves. At the time the lawsuit was filed, the defendants' social media accounts and websites continued to promote the film, using Mr. Andrews as an example of a criminal "ass."

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Later, in the 123-page complaint, "the defendant promoted the film and novel 'The Donkey' on television, radio, the Internet and other media, including to millions of viewers on Fox News, and has repeatedly shared Mr. Andrews as a role model."

The defendants in the lawsuit are Greg Phillips and Katherine Engelbrecht D'Souza of the controversial and conservative organization True the Vote. In September, Konnech, an election logistics software company, sued the group, accusing Phillips and Engelbrecht of stealing data and waging a xenophobic "dirty campaign" against its CEO.

"The organization believes that the allegations against True The Vote in this case will be proven without merit," a spokesperson for True The Vote told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution .

Andrews is seeking an unspecified amount in her lawsuit for defamation, intimidation and invasion of privacy. "As a black person who grew up in the American South before the Voting Rights Act was passed, Mr. Andrews values ​​the right to vote, has always been proud to vote, and has worked tirelessly to instill those values ​​in his family."

"Now, because of the defendants' plot to discredit and intimidate Mr. Andrews, he will not be able to vote again without looking back."

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