Francesca Farago Is Open About Her Plastic Surgery Journey: See Before, After Photos

Francesca Farago Is Open About Her Plastic Surgery Journey: See Before, After Photos

Reality star Francesca Farago is known for telling it like it is and isn't afraid to speak the hard truths. The Too Hot To Handle alum has tackled some hot topics from the spotlight, and that includes ongoing plastic surgery speculation!

Francesca was certified as a fan-certified villain in her reality TV debut in 2020. However, her physical appearance was a talking point that prompted the Canadian native to enter the conversation.

The Netflix star revealed her cosmetic procedures over the years in a 2020 YouTube video after people compared her latest look to high school photos circulating online.

“Three years ago I did breaststroke in Bangkok, Thailand with my best friend Erica. We were just on a trip and we didn't even want to do it," he said in the clip. "One day we found out it was really cheap and then all of a sudden we suffered a surgical intervention. It wasn't even planned, we went to the office or the clinic and then I woke up and found the breasts."

The Perfect Match star noted that her natural breasts were big, but she claimed they "deflated a bit" when she went vegan and lost a lot of body fat as a result.

In addition to breast augmentation, Farago, the brand's founder, regularly gets lip fillers. Even though he's been getting injections for years, the influencer says it's "a process" to become perfect.

"It has to be built. It takes years. Obviously when you start doing it, it's not going to look good…it's a very slow process," he explained.

While admitting she had plastic surgery, Francesca shut down rumors that she had had her nose done and credited the contouring for her improved appearance.

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"I really swear to you guys, I'll admit it, I didn't get my nose done…I was looking at these old pictures of me and I thought I was dead because I got my nose done. I don't know if I grew on my face, I never did anything like a jowl or anything," the reality star shared, while admitting the excessive use of facial expressions. in his photos on social networks. "I was just anxious and thought I needed it because I wanted to look like all these other girls…Now I try to avoid it as much as possible."

Keep scrolling to see photos of Francesca Farago's transformations over the years.

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