Fox News’ Howard Kurtz Admits Dominion Case Has Been ‘Embarrassing’

Fox News' Howard Kurtz Admits Dominion Case Has Been 'Embarrassing'

In Sunday's review of the Dominion voting system case, Fox News anchor Howard Kurtz finally acknowledged that the case was "shameful" for the right-wing network after defending Fox News' coverage of the lawsuit and accusing other media outlets of opposing it. . .

"The vast majority of the media was anti-Fox and therefore helping Dominion," he told MediaBuzz Sunday.

As evidence, he cited Murdoch-owned media outlets such as Politico, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal, which said the results were disappointing. (Many media commentators and observers, after the $787.5 million settlement, did not need to apologize for spreading lies about the 2020 election, and only vaguely admitted that they were spreading lies.)

Kurtz, the network's media specialist, also noted that he covered the incident. Kurtz told viewers in February that the network had banned him from covering it, but the rule appears to have changed ahead of a hearing scheduled last week.

“I started reporting, first with Neil Cavuto and then with special reports, that what some Fox shows are showing or letting others say, from former President Trump to his lawyers, are false conspiracy theories,” he said. Kurtz was in Delaware last week to cover the case.

He called reports accusing Fox News of ignoring on-air hearings "completely false" and said, "I've been covering this for weeks."

The Washington Post's analysis of the network's coverage of the lawsuit found that "few Fox shows discussed the landmark case."

Kurtz also summarized part of the Fox News statement, which said, "We are accepting court rulings that found some of the allegations against Dominion to be false." According to Curtis, this statement acknowledges that false information was broadcast on the network.

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"I said that Fox acknowledged in its statement the findings of Judge Eric Davis that some of the on-air comments about Dominion were false," he said. And this CEO of Dominion told reporters in the most horrifying way that Fox had lied.

“This is important now because almost two and a half years later, Donald Trump claims without evidence and continues to say that the elections were rigged against him,” he added.

He admitted he was "embarrassed" by the "gap" between what some Fox News anchors say publicly and privately about the 2020 election. Private correspondence released during the trial showed Fox News top talent and executives were skeptical of the allegations against them. Trump allies were allowed to distribute it on Facebook.ether.

And while Kurtz said the network "has taken a hit in the court of public opinion," he asked, "What impact has this tough eviction had on Fox News? Last week it was again the highest rated network on basic cable."

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