Fox News Channels ‘Gutfeld! Rides High In Late Night: ‘After 18 Months, Its Become Appointment Viewing


Greg Gutfeld Rides His Late Night Comedy Show To The Top Of Fox News The Washington Post

Last week, the Gutfeld Late Night Show on Fox News! It marked its sixth consecutive week as the most-watched late-night program, ahead of CBS's The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, NBC's The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live, but the FNC networks fell sharply. led to So what explains the ratings for a show that debuted exactly a year ago?

Gutfeld's executive producer Tom O'Connor said, "I think after 18 months it became a date"! "Part of the reason is that the audience really connected with some of the new guests we introduced, but they got to see the FNC stars relax for an hour."

One such star on Wednesday night was Fox & Friends co-host Steve Ducey, who made plenty of laughs and a few "ooooo" jokes about Democrats getting "excited about the idea of ​​a red wave" while following Bill Clinton's "blue dress" idea.

Night and day, Gutfeld! It offers viewers a late-night version of The Five with a rare guest cast, featuring Fox News contributors Keith Timpf and George Murdoch (a wrestler known as Tyrus), along with an actor playing a Fox News gadget like Ducey. and comedian Terence K. Williams. Among the guests this week was Jared Kushner, casual in a black turtleneck and jeans.

"You see someone like Dana Perino or Brian Kilmeade, who are naturally funny, sharing the stage with a veteran comedian like Jamie Liso or Joe DeVito, and it works," O'Connor said. “And, of course, the success has a lot to do with the fact that Greg, Kat and Tyrus aren't afraid to speak their minds, usually something unexpected and fun. Ultimately, it's proof that Fox News had the guts to do it. , the show and the producer of this freedom.

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Last week, Gutfeld! It was the only late-night show on television to average 2 million viewers (Colbert had a combined audience of 1.867 million, Fallon's 1.481 million and Kimmel's 1.3 million). The Daily Show from Comedy Central didn't come close to that number, reaching 349,000 viewers.

"It's definitely a great place for our writers and producers to take comedic risks (or in Greg's monologues or parodies)," O'Connor said. "It's a traditional day and feels a little weird at night. I really think people appreciate it and appreciate it. Whether they like a particular joke or not, they respect that we're one of the few who do it.

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