Four Common Asphalt Repairs & What To Do If It Happens To You

Every asphalt surface is constantly exposed to the elements, people, cars, and everything around it, and these components will all innately affect how your asphalt pavement can hold up. When you have an asphalt surface for your driveway or your business’s parking lot, the general upkeep, cleaning, and proper maintenance are all a part of ensuring that the appearance and quality of your pavement remain to your satisfaction and liking – and let’s face it, curb appeal will always matter! While asphalt should last you anywhere from 15 to 30 years, you can far exceed the lifespan expectations by putting in the effort of continued maintenance and repair needs.

When you notice that something has gone wrong with your surface or something doesn’t look quite right, it is as easy as hopping on your phone and searching for asphalt paving near me – this will allow you a list of licensed paving contractors to review and assess for the job. Without legitimate professionals to support you through the repair process, managing further damage or any maintenance issues. While the material is incredibly durable, reliable, and even eco-friendly, pavements take on a ton of weight and daily responsibilities and can get worn down over time. 

Pesky Potholes

Potholes are among the most commonly seen and experienced issues with asphalt driveways, roadways, and parking areas. We all know and love to hate them, and when a large enough pothole develops on your asphalt surface, it may continue to increase and persist past the point of possible repairs. Holes will grow in asphalt pavement when there is prior, unresolved damage – anything from a crack to rutting can worsen in time and eventually create a huge hole in your asphalt driveway or parking lot. 

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When this happens, the weather, water, and other elements cause the asphalt materials to expand and contract, causing additional cracking around the pothole. That hole will slowly increase, causing more issues for any resident or client driving or walking through the area. Upon noticing a hole in your asphalt surface, contact a paving professional for further investigation, an estimate for repair services, and assistance.

General Wear and Tear from Weathering

Humans, cars, bikes, skateboards, the sun, the clouds, precipitation, and just about anything happening in the real world – your asphalt is exposed daily. You can protect the surface through seal coating and continued claiming and maintenance, but sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you cannot prevent an aging material from being worn down. Weathering refers to the moisture, weather conditions, and temperatures outside that will affect paved surfaces. When you first install or lay down an asphalt surface, the color will be a deep black color. This generally means the asphalt is still moist and highly flexible but entirely resistant to water and chemicals.

That beautiful black asphalt will sit under the sun throughout the day and be exposed to the cold weather and winds that come in throughout the evening. Weather can significantly affect your paving – dulling the color, elasticity, durability, and all lines of defense. Once your asphalt has been weathered down, it is susceptible to color changes, cracking, and potholes. This is another reason why cleaning and maintenance is critical to uphold the quality of your pavement and the general appearance you give to your neighbors, community, and visitors or customers.

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When you think about asphalt, you don’t consider it a material that can bleed. However, asphalt bleeding is one of the more common things that home and business owners experience, requiring immediate attention and repair. Sometimes, this is referred to as flushing, meaning the binder used for the pavement leaks through the surface of your asphalt area. When this happens, it will usually develop a clear coat on top of the pavement and remain shiny, as if you recently seal-coated the space – but if you didn’t, there is a need for alarm! When a binder flushes through the surface area, the sealant can cause the pavement to crack. Reaching out to a local paving company for assistance understanding what is happening to your asphalt surface and a quick and efficient solution – is the only way to correct bleeding.

Super Swells

Another typical repair you may see is swelling, which is the swelling of the ground beneath your asphalt surface, causing it to enlarge or shrink in any particular section or region. When this occurs, moisture and humidity are present in the underground soil, requiring a licensed paving contractor to come in, remove that asphalt sector, and lay down new pavement. More often than not, installation services may be necessary during repairs, and no matter what happens, paving experts are the only people who can complete the job right. NVN Paving in Old Tappan, NJ, supplies superior paving services to elevate their customer’s lives – whether their needs are in residential or commercial areas. Having a reliable paving crew is the key to unlocking high-quality asphalt surfaces and a secure, stable, and efficient driveway, parking lot, or roadway that suits your every need!

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