Former Gov. Raimondo Featured In Time Magazine’s List Of Most Influential People Of 2023. Here’s Why.

Former Gov. Raimondo Featured In Time Magazine's List Of Most Influential People Of 2023. Here's Why.

PRESENTATION – What do Gina Raymondo, US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and White Lotus star Jennifer Coolidge have in common?

They're all featured on Time magazine's Most Influential People of 2023 list, which begins with U.S. Senator Jack Reed, who tells the oft-told story of a newborn baby's first "meeting" in the Raymond case. "Gina Maria".

“In 1971, my mother sent me to visit our neighbors to congratulate us on the birth of their baby girl, Gina Marie Raymond. "I had no idea this small business of a working-class family would become the first female governor and US secretary of commerce in Rhode Island."

Reed's spokesman Chip Unruh told The Journal that Time independently named him one of the 100 most influential people of the year. When they approached Senator Reid and asked him to write a short essay, he was already on the list.

"He was honored to contribute to a recording highlighting Secretary of State Raymond's outstanding leadership qualities."

Who else is on Time magazine's list of most influential people?

The "Most Influential" list includes "giants," "leaders," and "icons" from the worlds of politics, art, innovation, and more.

Hillary Clinton wrote the essay for "[the] Alexandra Matviychuk, a prominent Ukrainian human rights lawyer who dedicated her life to defending democracy at the age of 39."

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said of Anthony Albanez: "From growing up on public housing to becoming Australia's new prime minister last spring, he's been a symbol of hope and inspiration."

Former US Senate Leader Bill Frist, a Republican, has praised current Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Republican, as someone who leads with "clearness, extraordinary conviction, and an unshakable conviction based on Republican principles."

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“Last year, he led a bipartisan effort to find and secure war funding in Ukraine, and was told by President Biden that the 2021 bipartisan infrastructure projects would not be completed “without your help.” Mitch knew when and how to close the deal. deal." Frist said of McConnell.

Jimmy Fallon nominated Drew Barrymore. Angela Bassett nominated Austin Butler. Nicole Kidman nominated Colin Farrell. Mia Farrow nominated Jennifer Coolidge. British Vogue editor-in-chief Edward Enninful named Charles III king.

Why was Gina Raymond nominated?

Reed called the Rhode Islander once known as the "Gina of Greenville."

“Gina's brilliance, skill and hard work fueled her meteoric rise, and her family is holding it back. He has always been a ruthless competitor, unafraid to tackle difficult issues and willing to sacrifice his political wealth for the greater good."

“As secretary,” he wrote, “he is rebuilding US manufacturing and rebuilding our technology infrastructure.

“To restore the US as the world leader in microchip manufacturing, it is deftly pushing the CHIPS and Science Act through Congress and building the coalitions needed to increase US semiconductor manufacturing capacity, strengthen supply chains, and strengthen national security. As usual, Minister Raymond would do his job, pass the credit on, and settle the next matter.

Read more: Gina Raymond CHIPS opens this week in Washington. This is what needs attention.

Raymond's progressive industrial policies, which he initiated for Biden through the Chip Act, have earned him front-page coverage in the New York Times, as well as mentions in the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal, a 2,000-word Bloomberg profile, and MSNBC Morning . Jo program.

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Biden is expected to run for president again next year, but if he wins, it opens up the possibility of cabinet moves, such as replacing Brown alum Janet Yellen , who has long been proposed as Treasury secretary. secretary

This article first appeared in the Providence Journal: Former Governor Gina Raymond Named Time Magazine's Most Influential Person.

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