‘Fawlty Towers Reboot In The Works With John Cleese, Camilla Cleese & Rob Reiners Castle Rock Entertainment


‘Fawlty Towers Reboot In The Works With John Cleese, Camilla Cleese & Rob Reiners Castle Rock Entertainment

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The return of Basil Fawlty. A reboot of John Cleese's British comedy Fawlty Towers is in development, and Rob Reiner's Castle Rock Entertainment is in development.

More than 40 years after the end of the second and final season, Monty Python star Cleese will co-write and direct with his daughter Camilla Cleese in a remake that will delight generations of British comedy fans.

The new series will explore how Cleese-hating, cynical and gay Basil Fawlty navigates the modern world. Plot details have largely been kept under wraps, but the development will push the story forward to explore Basil's relationship with a princess he's just discovered, as the pair defy fate and get together… run a small hotel.

The Cleese family partnered with Rainer's Castle Rock in development, with Rainer, Michelle Rainer, Derek Rossi and Matthew George serving as executive producers.

John Cleese praised George's "understanding" of the "creative process" and described their first meeting as "one of the best creative sessions I can remember".

Rob Reiner added: “John Cleese is a comedy legend. Just the thought of working with him makes me laugh', while George described meeting John and Camilla Cleese as 'one of the greatest thrills of my life'.

Castle Rock is currently working on another sequel to the popular British hit This is Spinal Tap, as well as the 2017 sequel Wind River. The Next Chapter

Despite only running two six-part seasons and ending in 1979, Fawlty Towers has been at the top of many lists of the best British comedies of all time.

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Written by Cleese and Connie Booth, the show follows hapless hotel manager Fault and a hilarious cast that includes legendary Spanish butler Manuel (Andrew Sacks), Cleese's oppressive wife Sybil (Prunella Scales) and his maid Polly, played by Booth.

The idea came from Cleese, who was living in a hotel in an English seaside town, and the show defined the "Middle English" genre.

Fawlty Towers is currently broadcast on BBC Two and is available on BritBox.

Cleese, whose credits include Monty Python, A Fish Called Wanda and Shrek, has become a cult warrior in recent years. He recently criticized the BBC for not broadcasting reruns of Monty Python , a claim that has been denied. He is making a documentary for Channel 4 about the culture of abandonment and plans to host the right-wing British network GB News, which will campaign for freedom of expression.

Cleese is repped by CAA and Anonymous Content. Camilla Cleese Weintraub portrays Tobin Chedyak Coleman Grodin.

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