Fair And Balanced? Murdochs Private Messages Show Fox News Was Instructed To Help Republicans

Fair And Balanced? Murdochs Private Messages Show Fox News Was Instructed To Help Republicans

Top Democrats sent a scathing letter to Fox. Hear from one of them



"We'll let you know. It's up to you."

That's the old Fox News phrase. But testimony and private messages released in recent weeks have shown that even Rupert Murdoch doesn't view Fox News as a real news organization.

The revelations are part of several lawsuits filed by Dominion Voting Systems in a $1.6 billion defamation suit against the right-wing talk network, revealing multiple instances in which the Fox Corporation chairman boldly instructed network executives to help Republicans.

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Taken together, the statement suggests Murdoch views Fox News more as an extension of the Republican Party than a credible news organization whose mission is to inform viewers and empower them to make their own decisions.

Legal documents abound with examples of Murdoch tipping the scales.

► Murdoch gave Jared Kushner "confidential information" about then-candidate Joe Biden's 2020 ad "along with debate strategy," according to a filing, offering Donald Trump's son-in-law "a preview of the Biden ad before it goes live." .

► Murdoch asked Fox News CEO Susan Scott to tell Sean Hannity "something to support" Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham ahead of the 2020 election. Murdoch explained. "We can't lose the Senate if we can."

► After Trump's defeat, Murdoch told Scott to "focus on Georgia" because the state is holding a high-stakes special election that will decide the balance of power in the U.S. Senate, telling him to "Please help in any way you can."

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► When Trump asked for help defeating West Virginia Republican Senate candidate Don Blankenship, Murdoch told Scott and Fox News President Jay Wallace: can save the day. ".

► When New York Post editor Colonel Allan told Murdoch that Biden's only hope of winning the election was to "stay in his basement and not face the big questions," Murdoch replied: "The topic will spread.

Individually, any of these actions would be considered a major scandal in today's news organization. An investigation will be conducted and possible disciplinary action will be taken. But Fox News doesn't. This is almost certainly due to management not treating the channels as they advertise them to viewers and advertisers.

And Murdoch isn't the only person in management who doesn't seem to think Fox News is an honest news organization (which, frankly, it isn't). In the Dominion document, former House Speaker turned Fox Corporation board member Paul Ryan wrote to the Murdochs: "The sooner we can stifle the reactions of the lie on our side, the sooner we will have a principled loyal opposition."

Notice the words Ryan used. "loyal opposition". This is what Ryan thinks Fox News should be at its best.

Critics have long accused Fox News of "opposing" Democratic officials and candidates. Honest observers have long known this to be true. It's surprising to hear a Fox executive like Ryan open up about the company's core behind the scenes.

Fox News has accused Dominion of making "cherry" statements that unfairly denigrate the network. But it is difficult to understand how and under what circumstances this note will suit the owner of the network.

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