ExFox News Producer Abby Grossberg Has Been Subpoenaed By Smartmatic In Its Lawsuit Against Fox

ExFox News Producer Abby Grossberg Has Been Subpoenaed By Smartmatic In Its Lawsuit Against Fox

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Former Fox News producer Abby Grossberg, who claims she was forced to provide false information in a lawsuit filed by Dominion Voting Systems over its handling of voter fraud allegations, has filed another lawsuit against the cable news network's voting technology company .

According to a subpoena obtained by NBC News on Monday, Smartmatic Inc. Abby Grossberg will release extensive documents and communications related to the 2020 presidential election allegations, which will air on Fox. The subpoena mentions evidence and possible correspondence related to Trump lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, and names associated with the Trump campaign and the Trump Organization.

Smartmatic filed a $2.7 billion defamation suit against Fox in New York Supreme Court. Allies of former President Donald Trump, like Giuliani, told Fox News that Dominion and Smartmatic, although two separate, unaffiliated companies, were linked and involved in possible voter fraud.

The allegations against Dominion and Smartmatic have been repeatedly denied and proven to be baseless. Smartmatic's only involvement in the 2020 Presidential Election was providing voting technology and software to Los Angeles County.

Former Fox producer Abby Grossberg discusses the Dominion lawsuit



On March 31, in a Dominion lawsuit filed in Delaware, a judge ordered the case to go to trial and ruled that the voter fraud allegations leveled against Fox were false. "The evidence developed in this civil case," he says, " makes it clear that nothing Dominion has said about the 2020 election is true." The pronunciation is thick, big and italic.

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Grossberg's attorney, Parisis Filippatos, told NBC News that his client plans to comply with Smartmatic's subpoena, requiring Grossberg to "produce documentary evidence of alleged wrongdoing by Fox News." His attorneys also noted that while Grossberg sent documents and communications to Fox News while he was with her, "they do not appear to have been filed with the Delaware Supreme Court prior to the March 31 decision."

Grossberg worked at Fox News from March 24, 2019. He was fired after filing suit against Fox in Dominion's $1.6 billion defamation suit. . Fox said he was fired for disclosing privileged information.

A Fox spokesperson said in a statement: "Smartmatic has not informed Fox News about the subpoena of Ms. Grossberg in this case. Fox News is not aware of what Ms. Grossberg's attorneys did not say about the Dominion case, and we fulfilled our intelligence obligations. ".

A spokesman for the Smartmatic case said: "We believe we will win because freedom of the press is at the heart of our democracy and claims for compensation in this case should be protected unless they are excessive, baseless and based on sound financial analysis. It is clear that journalists are doing their job to prevent it from being done. "Until the effort".

Earlier this month, Fox News told NBC News, "We will continue to vigorously defend Fox against [Grossberg's] legal claims against our network and employees, which are riddled with false allegations."

Regarding the Dominion case, Fox said, "Ultimately, this case is about the First Amendment's protection of the media's urgent need to report the news. Fox will continue to actively defend the right to free speech and a free press."

Fox told the judge that Grossberg would testify in the Dominion case on March 28. The company reversed that decision following a Sept. 14, 2022 court filing to seal the deposit, which Dominion said it plans to call as a witness.

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