Captain Grant’s Inn In Preston Featured In Netflix Show On Haunted Sites

Captain Grant's Inn In Preston Featured In Netflix Show On Haunted Sites

October 16 – Preston – As the owner of what has been called one of America's most haunted places, Carol Matsumoto has long turned down a ghost hunter's request to conduct a paranormal investigation at the Captain Grant Inn on Route 2A in Poketanuck.

But April 2021, presented by MAK Pictures in Los Angeles, was different. The crew occupied the entire seven-bedroom residence for 28 days in July and August 2021 with no one allowed — the owners, staff and other guests. And Matsumoto couldn't tell anyone about it.

Matsumoto recently received an email from the executive producer of Netflix's 28 Day Haunted show, giving the green light to friends, neighbors, guests and the media to let 1754 Captain Grant's Inn be one of the top three favorites. Damn hotel. Buildings across America will be featured in the Netflix show, Haunted in 28 Days, which airs on October 21. The other two buildings are in Denver, Colorado and Madison, North Carolina.

The 87-second trailer gives a glimpse of the trio's past in three locations, with the speeding Ghostbusters running up the stairs, shouting, "I saw the whole shadow!" They are shouting things like and "What is it?" And "I saw something come into our room. It flew over here." In a few voices.

All six episodes will be available starting Friday, and each will include clips from all three locations, according to MAK Pictures founder and president Mark Kadin.

This theory comes from a theory proposed by Connecticut paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren. They suggest that the veil between the physical and spiritual realms weakens 28 days after its opening. So the team spent 28 days in each location, cut off from the outside world without internet and without knowing their destination in advance, Kadin said.

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"At MAK Pictures, we're always up for a challenge," said a statement on the company's website. "That's why we go to the ends of the earth to find the most interesting characters and bring back their untold and unforgettable stories. Regardless of location, genre or topic, it's our passion to take audiences to new worlds and why we love what we do. We do."

Matsumoto watched the trailer for 28 Days hacked and identified several Captain Grant clips, including the extensive main stages. Adelaide's room on the second floor is the busiest room in the house, Matsumoto said, especially the bathroom on the side of the room. Another shot shows the guest houses.

Matsumoto keeps notebooks in all rooms for guests to write down their experiences. On one of the pages of Adelaide's class notebook, draw a sketch of a strange female face. On the page, one guest wrote that he felt a "light touch," while another said he caught a glimpse of a woman in her fifties with light brown hair in the kitchen.

Captain Grant's Inn has been on television many times. The "press" page on Hostel's website now lists the upcoming "28 Days of Repression" series at the top, followed by a list of previous TV, newspaper and magazine articles, including "Psychic Kids" at the top. In the year 2010 and Portals to Hell by Jack Osborne in 2020 before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Matsumoto said he knew nothing about ghosts when he bought the dilapidated historic farmhouse in February 1994. The major renovation took more than a year before the first guest rooms opened on Memorial Day weekend in 1995.

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In 1999, a New York City detective said she and her husband, Ted, were the most polite housekeepers she'd ever seen, unable to ignore guests' comments and unexplained voices, nighttime noises, sights and experiences. Along with the constant yelling and screaming in the attic above the room. Carol shows Matsumoto that the attic is stacked with wood for further renovations and that no one can step on it or step on it.

In the year In 2017, Matsumoto wrote The Ghost of Captain Grant's Inn, published by Llewellyn Publications. The book recounts his experiences leading up to buying the house through random events that — miraculously — helped him through the process.

Matsumoto became interested in the 19th-century ghost of Captain Grant Inn, named after her husband, a sea captain who died off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, and his pregnant wife, Mercy Adelaide, who had two together. Children.

Although Mercy died in the 19th century, Matsumoto “continued to live in the house like one of his sons,” Matsumoto writes in his book. He said he was waiting for the centurion to return.

One day a paranormal investigator came to the lodge with L-staves, two L-shaped copper rods with short L-legs mounted in a copper tube, allowing the rods to rotate freely, while one held the short legs, the clamps serving as a kind. Container.

Matsumoto remembers when he first picked up the stick, "it spun like a helicopter blade," and dropped it on the table. He refused to try again, but eventually got used to using the cane and Grant's ghosts. Especially Deborah.

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Not a member of the Grant family, Deborah died in the 17th century at the age of 5. He did not live in the house but was buried in an old cemetery next to the property. On Thursday, Matsumoto picked up a stick and asked if Deborah was there. The trunk is divided by 180 degrees. It means yes, Matsumoto said. Deborah asks if she likes the doll tea set in the dining room. He splits the sticks to say "yes".

In his book, Matsumoto tells the sad story of the tea set. A woman called the hostel to book a stay. When the lady arrived, she brought a doll tea set. Matsumoto apologized, saying it was nothing new. He stopped at an antique shop on the road and bought it.

Matsumoto was surprised. The woman asked about the tea set when her little girl, Deborah, called her with her.

And over the years, Matsumoto says, Deborah "played" with the tea set, moving it here and there.

The book is out of print, but Matsumoto said he plans to contact a Minnesota publisher to get a second edition. He hopes the 28 Days Haunted will bring more business to the shelter during the low season. She says she doesn't have to worry about October, especially around Halloween. She is already decorating for the upcoming holiday. Halloween night has been sold out since March.

The neatly folded t-shirt is printed with the words "I Survived a Night by Captain Grant."

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