Best Cycling Computers 2022: GPS Units For Routing And Training

Best Cycling Computers 2022: GPS Units For Routing And Training

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The best cycling computers can provide you with a wealth of data to track your ride and performance. However, not all classes are created equal. So what is the best cycling computer for you?

Full mapping and navigation functions mean you need a larger, more expensive bike computer with a more sophisticated display. Those looking for data like heart rate, agility, and power should stick to accompanying sensor devices. Fortunately, gone are the days of wires and cables, and even the cheapest devices come with standard wireless capabilities.

For more information on what to look for in a bike computer and recommended options, visit the buyer's guide at the bottom of the page. Also see our pick of the best cycling computers we've tested and links to in-depth reviews.

The best bike computer deals for Christmas 2022

Cycling computers help you train more efficiently and also ensure you don't get lost. Like all tech gadgets, they get better over time, which means older models with great features are available at low prices and just in time for Christmas.

These are just a few of our options. if you're looking for even more deals, why not check out our Christmas Bike Sale page?

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Garmin Edge 1030 Plus was $ 599.99 , now $399.99 at Amazon.

Loaded with a wealth of performance and fitness features, including Garmin's useful ClimbPro that measures your effort on tough climbs, the Edge 1030 Plus was the brand's flagship cycling computer with a large 3.5-inch touchscreen. See consent

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Garmin Edge 530 – Was £ 259.99 , now £179.99 at Wiggle

It may not have the touchscreen of more expensive models, but the Edge 530 is just as capable and delivers as much data as you need. The 530 matches the performance and functionality of the most expensive cycling computers. Read our full review.

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The best bike computers

Anyone looking to get into data range with Garmin but has a hard time justifying the cost of more expensive options will be happy to know that the Edge 530 now mirrors the Garmin Edge 830, but without the added price of a touchscreen. Which isn't bad for some, including our reviewer.

The buttons and system settings aren't quite as good as the Wahoo Element Bolt, but it combines all the performance of the larger Edge 830 and most of the Edge 1030, making it a very desirable cycling computer.

In terms of size and functionality, it's hard to find anything this good on the market.

Read the full Garmin Edge 530 review here.

Hammerhead, now owned by SRAM, has released the Karoo 2, a bike computer unlike any other bike computer in terms of ease of use and smartphone responsiveness.

It starts with Android OS, not proprietary, and Hammerhead regularly releases updates to their software, so it can be future proof. It is also fully integrated with your smartphone.

The touchscreen is like a smartphone. It's very responsive and you can zoom and move between shortcuts just as quickly as you would on a smartphone. The Caro 2 also charges quickly via the USB-C port.

You can read our full Hammerhead Karoo 2 review here.

Noteworthy is the Edge 1040 Solar's ability to charge from the sun. Garmin says Power Mirror™ Solar Charge extends the hour by up to 42 minutes in battery saver mode, giving you up to 45 hours of battery life "on demand" and up to 100 hours in power saver mode. Battery saving mode.

It should be noted that this is based on an assumption of constant light of 75,000 lux during daylight travel. Basically, this means consistent, bright sunshine that you can enjoy on your summer walks, but depending on where you live, you may not see it during the colder seasons. Of course, your expectations should match the size of the cloud cover.

The Garmin Edge 1040 Solar has an updated user interface that we think is much easier to navigate than other Garmin models. The home page has customizable data fields so you can easily browse your recent activity history, exercise schedule, weather forecast, and more. You can also use the look function to see information such as recovery time.

Other cool features include a power guide that creates a pacing strategy for your chosen route to help you better manage your effort. Of course, all this technology comes at a price, but if you're looking for an all-singing, all-dancing cycle computer, you probably won't be disappointed.

The Wahoo Elemnt Roam brings what we know and love about the Elemnt Bolt in a slightly larger package. In terms of features and compatibility, the ROM covers all the essentials, plus phone notifications, real-time monitoring, and structured learning to name a few.

It's a better competitor than the more expensive Garmin Edge 830, but lacks a touchscreen, which is a plus for some riders who ride in wet weather and find this feature less than ideal. The three main control buttons are also conveniently located at the bottom of the device's front panel. They are larger and easier to use than the small buttons on the side of many bike GPSs.

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The battery doesn't last as long as other computers, but it does last a bit longer than the Bolt.

Read our full Wahoo Element Roam review here.

We enjoyed using the Garmin Edge 830 and were impressed with its design and excellent touchscreen. For these reasons, we've added him to the Bike Weekly Editor's Choice Awards.

At first glance, it's hard to tell the difference between the Edge 530 and the Edge 830, as both have the same profile and screen sizes. The biggest compromise in terms of functionality is that the Garmin Edge 830 gets a touchscreen, and you can also sync your phone or computer with the Edge 530 so you can edit and create a route right on the device.

With a wealth of data, features and compatibility, you'll have a full suite of analytics at your fingertips, probably more than most drivers need. But if you're the type of rider who likes to switch things up quickly, it's hard to beat.

Our full Garmin Edge 830 review will tell you more.

We know this buyer's guide sounds a lot like Garmin's, but that just goes to show the brand's dominance in the space, and the Garmin Edge 130 Plus was no different, winning a Cycling Weekly "editors" choice award.

The Edge 130 Plus is sleek and simple, yet a very powerful cycling computer. Using buttons instead of a touchscreen is easier to set up and changing data fields is much easier, even on the fly.

It can be paired with ANT+ and Bluetooth accessories such as heart rate monitors, cadence sensors and power meters. This device is for those who want to improve their performance, train for races and Strava Live episodes, but don't need high-end features at a high price.

Read our full Garmin Edge 130 Plus review here.

The Edge 1030 Plus extends the off-road capabilities of Garmin's top model. It's the largest device Garmin makes, but with a black bezel and gray body, it matches the rest of the Garmin lineup.

When it comes to navigation, Garmin is one of the best in the industry. Improved mapping capabilities are the biggest upgrade to this bike computer, with detailed maps of its native range as standard.

This wireless bike computer has significantly improved navigation, even off-road, with turn-by-turn directions, clear maps and a much-improved touchscreen that lets you pinch and zoom the map like a mobile phone, making navigation easier. . Check out the best bike satnav.

Unusual settings are among the highlights, and this update draws inspiration from mobile technology. With Smart Activity Profiles, the 1030 Plus transfers activity data from a previous Edge 830 or 1030, meaning there's no need to adjust field data, and you do. You don't have to ride the bike to make sure everything is working properly.

It's like setting up a new iPhone. the whole process takes less than half an hour. If you don't have another Garmin device, it uses data from Garmin Connect. We thought this was a long overdue Garmin update.

In addition to its incredible ease of use, the Gaming Edge 1030 Plus is packed with features and functionality, including messaging and security features, on-field and off-field navigation, and even training plan sync and nutrition and hydration alerts.

It's an incredibly smart bike computer that's like a bar cart on every ride, but that privilege comes at a price.

To learn more about the Garmin Edge 1030 Plus feature set, read our full review.

We're big fans of Wahoo bike computers, easy to set up and reliable software.

The Wahoo Element Bolt gets more memory and a color display upgrade. It's still controlled by buttons instead of a 2.2-inch touchscreen, but the buttons are now raised for easier use, especially when wearing gloves.

However, installing, pairing and configuring the smartphone is still very easy and the data is clear and readable. Although we didn't find it very useful, the LED matrix can help you as well.

Maps and route management have also been updated, with clear turn-by-turn navigation and multiple built-in maps without the need to download additional basemaps. However, browsing can be unpredictable.

Other features include structured workouts, Strava Live integration and multi-sport streaming, and newly added climbs that give you a gradient profile for a pre-mapped route. Battery life is around 15 hours, USB-C fast charging is available.

Read our full Wahoo Elemnt Bolt V2 review here.

You name it and the Edge 1030 Wireless Bike Computer offers everything from comprehensive bike sat-nav mapping, data analysis, e-wheels and the ability to connect to other Garmin.Edge 1030 devices.

Although this bike computer is superior to the Edge 820, Garmin's touchscreen navigation feature is only reserved for the Garmin Edge 1030 Plus version, which means you have to navigate this GPS bike computer using the + and – buttons on the screen. . After using any regular smartphone, you have to get used to it.

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A wealth of features, functions and compatibility make the Edge 1030 a great cycling computer, just like the Garmin Edge1030 Plus, which acts as a truly smart exercise bike and provides meaningful data-driven analysis before, during and after your ride. . .

Ultimately, it's probably best for runners if you don't need all these features and/or a huge viewing screen, while the rest of us are better off with cheaper bike computers like the Wahoo or Garmin Edge. .. slightly lower level.

The Edge 1030 has now been discontinued from Garmin, but some retailers still have it in stock, meaning you can pick it up at a nice discount off list price for a big savings on the Edge 1030 Plus if you want. to spend perform Displays the most recent activity.

Read the full Garmin Edge 1030 review here.

Tested with a Garmin Edge 530, the Cathay Rapid was a very strong device in terms of speed and distance accuracy. Not bad for such a simple and relatively cheap unit overall.

It's also easy to read quickly, and the forward position makes it ideal for viewing. As with all lightweight Cathay computers, battery life is measured in years, not hours.

Attractive simplicity limits functionality. There's no compatibility other than a wireless speedometer, and there's no GPS chip on board, so you won't get a record of where you've been. But if you're looking for a clean and simple bike computer and don't need plug-in features, the Cateye is fast, accurate, reliable, and most importantly, looks great.

Read our full review of the Cathay Rapid Wireless Bike Computer here.

The Bryton Rider 420 is one of the brand's cheapest options. The full-featured head unit supports all sensors in the world and provides advanced data metrics such as normalized power and TSS.

While it doesn't have a color screen, it can provide turn-by-turn directions, but without a basic map, you're just following a black line on a blank screen. Setting up the device can be done through the device itself or the companion app, which is less intuitive but still works well. Best of all, it has 35 hours of battery life, which is longer than most computers on the market.

Compared to the Garmin Edge 130 or the Wahoo Element Bolt, there are about 77 fields of data, but it's not a real battle in terms of cost savings, but you lose out on maps and ease of use if you're pinched. . Budget is the right price for a functional device.

You can read more in our full Bryton Rider 420 review.

A buyer's guide to the best bike computers

What features can I expect from a basic bike computer without GPS?

The most basic bike computers are usually available for the price of lunch (or less). Of course, your computer won't be loaded with features for the money.

Inexpensive bike computers measure basic metrics like speed and cadence (from which they calculate metrics like average speed and average CADence), taking these numbers from speed and cadence sensors and wire sensors on the bike's frame.

Pay a little more and you can upgrade to a wireless bike computer that connects to your speed and cadence sensors without pesky cables all over the frame. If you're on a budget and don't mind uploading your ride to Strava or heavy structured workouts, these types of computers are probably the best option.

In general, cycle computers under three figures give you more options and start to offer more features, although generally unless you buy one of these at a bargain, these models won't work. Because it is a real GPS enabled device.

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What features can I expect from basic GPS bike computers?

An entry-level GPS device is great for getting started with tracking your trips and possibly other features. You can often find bundles with a heart rate monitor and/or cadence sensor, which may add a bit to the price, but will be more cost-effective than buying the items separately.

Manufacturers at this price level are convenient to use, small in size and light in weight, usually less than 3.5 oz / 100 g.

A GPS device typically tracks your ride statistics, such as distance, time, speed, and lap time, but it doesn't provide navigation. Most devices automatically stop when you stop moving and restart when you restart and provide ANT+ connectivity to external sensors.

Travel information is usually displayed on a black and white screen in two or three lines. It may be possible to specify which data items and how many rows are displayed, but one of the advantages of these tools is that you can turn them on and off without going into complex configuration options, so customization is generally not a problem. Prioritize them.

GPS also allows you to set notifications when you reach a target value, such as when you drive a car at a predetermined time. Likewise, you can access the virtual competitor feature to see how well you've done with previous trains.

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What functions will I find in a mid-range GPS computer?

Spend a little more and you'll start to get more functionality on your GPS. Միջին տիրույթի սարքերը սովորաբար հագեցած են զարկերակաչափով կամ ոտնակով հաճախականության սենսորով, սակայն դրանք ավելի բարձր մակարդակի համատեղելիություն ունեն, որպեսզի կարողանաք ցուցադրել և վերահսկել տեղեկատվությունը ձեր սարքից, ներառյալ էներգիայի տվյալները: .

Միջին դասի սարքը սովորաբար մեծ է մեծ էկրանով, որը կարող է շատ տվյալներ ցուցադրել գունավոր: Емкость хранилища данных, пробывать также взюниця. Սարքը կարելի է կառավարել կոճակների կամ սենսորային էկրանի միջոցով, իսկ միջին դասի շատ սարքեր ավելացնում են քարտեզագրման և նավիգացիոն գործառույթներ: Ոմանք ունեն նախադրված կամ ներբեռնվող բազային քարտեր, մինչդեռ մյուսներն աջակցում են միայն հացի փշրանքներին:

Из-за того, как работается страницавая тангуляция GPS, GPS-ի օգնությամբ հաշվարկված բարձրության մասին տեղեկությունները ավելի քիչ ճշգրիտ են, քան գտնվելու վայրի մասին տեղեկությունները։ Հետևաբար, բարձր արդյունավետության գործիքները հաճախ ներառում են բարոմետրիկ բարձրաչափ՝ բարձրության գրանցման ճշգրտությունը և վերելքի արագությունը բարձրացնելու համար:

Միջին դասի շատ սարքեր ներառում են Bluetooth-ի համաժամացում սմարթֆոնի հետ, ինչը նշանակում է, որ ձեր համակարգիչը կարող է էկրանին ցուցադրել զանգեր և տեքստային հաղորդագրություններ, ինչպես նաև հեռախոսից այլ տեղեկություններ, օրինակ՝ եղանակի մասին ծանուցումներ: Որոշ համակարգիչներ տվյալները հետ են ուղարկում ձեր հեռախոսին, այնպես որ կարող եք ձեր ուղևորության մասին տեղեկատվությունը փոխանցել ինտերնետ, որտեղ լիազորված մարդիկ կարող են դիտել դրանք, և նույնիսկ կարող եք վերբեռնել ձեր ուղևորությունը առանց USB մալուխի օգտագործելու:

Ի՞նչ գործառույթներ կարող եմ ակնկալել GPS-ով բարձրակարգ հեծանիվից:

Բարձրակարգ հեծանվային համակարգիչների սպառազինությունների մրցավազքը շարունակվում է, և արտադրողները մի քանի ամիսը մեկ հայտարարում են նոր բարձրակարգ գործառույթների մասին: Այս ապրանքները նման են լավ ճանապարհային հեծանիվի կամ ավելի, կշռում են մինչև 7 ունցիա/200 գ և կարող են մատակարարվել զարկերակաչափի ժապավենով և արագաչափի սենսորով:

Այս գնով դուք պետք է ակնկալեք գունավոր սենսորային էկրան, քարտեզներ, քայլ առ քայլ նավիգացիա, առաջադեմ ուսուցման գործառույթներ և ինտեգրում: Սա կարող է ներառել տվյալների փոխանցման Wi-Fi կապ, երթուղիների առաջարկներ և երթուղին այլ ճանապարհորդների հետ կիսելու հնարավորությունը:

Այս բարձր արդյունավետությամբ համակարգիչները կարող են ինտեգրվել այլ սարքերի և հավելվածների հետ: Շատերը միանում են էլեկտրոնային հեռարձակումներին, ցուցադրում Strava Live Segments և թույլ են տալիս համաժամեցնել ուսուցումն անմիջապես արտաքին հավելվածների հետ, ինչպիսիք են TrainingPeaks-ը կամ Today's Plan-ը:

የእነዚህ ኮምፒውተሮች ትልቅ ስክሪን ያላቸው የራስ ገዝ አስተዳደር ችግር የነበረበት ጊዜ ነበር፣ አሁን ግን የ20 ሰአታት የራስ ገዝ አስተዳደር መጠበቅ ትችላለህ። እነዚህ ሁሉ ከፍተኛ የቴክኖሎጂ መሳሪያዎች እንደ ሩሲያ GLONASS ፣ የቻይና ቤይዱ አውታረ መረብ እና የአውሮፓ ጋሊልዮ አውታረ መረብ ያሉ በርካታ የቦታ አቀማመጥ ሳተላይቶችን ማግኘት ይችላሉ።

ስለ ጉዞዎቼ መረጃን ለመተንተን የብስክሌት ኮምፒተርን እንዴት መጠቀም እችላለሁ?

መሰረታዊ የብስክሌት ጂፒኤስ አሳሾች እንኳን ወደ አምራቹ ጣቢያ እና ወደ ስልክ መተግበሪያ ከተጓዙ በኋላ ውሂብ እንዲያወርዱ ያስችሉዎታል። እነዚህ አፕሊኬሽኖች የባቡር ትንታኔዎችን፣ የስልጠና ዕቅዶችን እና ማህበራዊ መስተጋብርን ይደግፋሉ፣ ምንም እንኳን የተግባር ጥራት እና የተጠቃሚ በይነገጽ ቢለያዩም። ግን ከዚያ በኋላ የአምራቹ ጣቢያ ከሚያስፈልጉት መስፈርቶች ጋር የማይዛመድ ከሆነ ውሂብዎን ወደ Strava ፣ Training Peaks ወይም ሌሎች የሶስተኛ ወገን ጣቢያዎች ማውረድ ይችላሉ።

በመጨረሻም፣ ተጨማሪ መረጃዎችን ለመሰብሰብ እንደ ፔዳል ፍሪኩዌንሲ ዳሳሽ ወይም ሃይል ሜትር የመሳሰሉ ተጓዳኝ መሳሪያዎችን ከተጠቀሙ የመተንተን እድሉ የበለፀገ ይሆናል።

ከብስክሌት ኮምፒዩተር የተሻሉ አማራጮች ምንድናቸው?

የብስክሌት ጂፒኤስ ናቪጌተር መግዛት ካልፈለጉ፣ ሌሎች አማራጮችም አሉ። ዘመናዊ ስማርትፎኖች አብሮገነብ የጂፒኤስ ቺፕ ይኖራቸዋል. በብስክሌት ለመንዳት እንደ ጂፒኤስ ቺፕ ትክክል ላይሆን ይችላል፣ ነገር ግን አካባቢዎን በበቂ ትክክለኛነት እንዲከታተሉ ሊፈቅድልዎ ይገባል። አብዛኛዎቹን መሰረታዊ የኮምፒዩተር ተግባራትን በሚያቀርቡት ምርጥ የስማርትፎን አፕሊኬሽኖች እንደ ስትራቫ ባሉ የስማርትፎን አፕሊኬሽኖች አማካኝነት ጉዞዎን መመዝገብ ይችላሉ።

ስልክዎን ወደ ኪስዎ ማስገባት ወይም ከመያዣው ወይም ከግንዱ ጋር የሚያያዝ የስልክ መጫኛ መግዛት ይችላሉ፡ ለምሳሌ፡ ኳድሎክ ወይም ሮክፎርም ስልክ mount። ሁለቱም ስልኩን በመሪው ላይ ደህንነቱ በተጠበቀ ሁኔታ እንዴት መጠበቅ እንደሚችሉ ጥሩ ምሳሌዎች ሆነው ይታወቃሉ።

ስልክዎን የሚጠቀሙ ከሆነ ከውሃ ጋር ይጠንቀቁ, ምክንያቱም ብዙዎቹ ውሃ መከላከያ አይደሉም. በተለይም በሚያሽከረክሩበት ጊዜ የስልኩን ስክሪን ለመጠቀም ከፈለጉ የባትሪ ህይወት ችግር ሊሆን ይችላል።

ስልክ ይዘው ሊሄዱ ከሆነ ሌላው አማራጭ የጉዞውን መረጃ ለመሰብሰብ የጂፒኤስ አቅሙን መጠቀም ሲሆን ይህም በብሉቱዝ በኩል በመሪው ላይ ወደተጫነው ማሳያ እንደ ካቴይ ፓድሮን ይልቃል ።

ይህ የባቡር ስታቲስቲክስን የመመልከት እድሉን እየጠበቀ ስልኩን ከመንገድ እንዲያርቁ እና ስክሪኑን እንዲያጠፉ ያስችልዎታል። ማሳያዎቹ ብዙውን ጊዜ በANT ወይም በብሉቱዝ በኩል ከጎንዮሽ መሳሪያዎች የተሰበሰቡ መረጃዎችን ያሳያሉ።

ጂፒኤስ ያላቸው የስፖርት ሰዓቶች በትሪአትሌቶች እና በተራራ ብስክሌተኞች ዘንድ ተወዳጅ ናቸው። ስለ ብስክሌት መንዳት ምርጥ ስማርት ሰዓቶች በገጻችን ላይ ስለ ተለባሽ የአካል ብቃት መከታተያዎች ለብስክሌት መንዳት ጥሩ የሆኑ የተሟላ መረጃ ያገኛሉ።

በተለያዩ የስፖርት ዓይነቶች ውስጥ እንቅስቃሴን እንድትከታተል ያስችሉሃል፣ እና ብዙዎቹ ከተጓዳኝ መሳሪያዎች ጋር እንድትገናኝ ያስችሉሃል፣ እና አሰሳንም ያካትታሉ። አንዳንዶቹ በዱላ ማያያዣ ይቀርባሉ፣ ስለዚህ ሰዓቱን በብስክሌት ወይም ከኋላ መልበስ ይችላሉ።


የብስክሌት ሳምንታዊ የብስክሌት ፣ የአካል ክፍሎች ፣ አልባሳት እና መለዋወጫዎች በተለያዩ የዋጋ እና የቴክኒካል ባህሪ ደረጃዎች በመሞከር ሰፊ ልምድ ያላቸው የሞካሪዎች ቡድን ስላሉት በውስጡም ብስክሌቶችን እና ቴክኖሎጂዎችን ያውቃሉ እና ብስክሌት መንዳት የተለየ የሚያደርገውን ለማወቅ ልምድ አላቸው። ቶቫር.

የእኛ ተሞክሮ ማለት በእኛ የምርት ግምገማዎች ውስጥ የሚንፀባረቀው ወጥ እና አጠቃላይ እይታ ይኖርዎታል ማለት ነው። በገጻችን «እንዴት እንደምንሞክር» የበለጠ ማወቅ ይችላሉ።

Коротко о велокомпюTERAH

ምንም ያህል ወጪ ማውጣት እንደሚፈልጉ እና የትኛውንም የውሂብ መጠን ለመቅዳት እንደወሰኑ የጂፒኤስ መሳሪያው የት እንደተጓዙ፣ መቼ እና በምን ያህል ፍጥነት እንደተጓዙ ቋሚ መዝገብ በመተው ጉዞዎን ያሻሽላል።

ይህ ስለ እርስዎ አፈጻጸም እና የብስክሌት ግልቢያ ልምድዎን ለማሻሻል እና ለማስፋት ስለእርስዎ አፈጻጸም እና መሳሪያዎች የበለጠ እንዲያውቁ እድል ይሰጥዎታል። የጉዞ ውሂብን ከጓደኞችህ ጋር ማጋራት፣ ከሌሎች ጋር መወዳደር እና የግል መዝገቦችህን ማሻሻል ትችላለህ።

በ2022 9 ምርጥ የብስክሌት አፕሊኬሽኖች!

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