Arrests have been made in the ambush killing of a Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy.


According to sources close to the investigation, an arrest has been made in the shooting death of Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer.

Another source claims that the sheriff’s Special Enforcement Bureau tactical squad identified and detained a person of interest on Sunday.

Clinkunbroomer was shot in his police vehicle at a crossroads in Palmdale on Saturday, Sept. 16, and later “succumbed to his injuries,” according to investigators.

Last night, police announced a $250,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the case. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has set a press conference at 10:30 a.m. local time.

Additionally, in connection with the fatal attack, investigators released images of a car that was most likely a Toyota Corolla made between 2006 and 2012.

Sheriff Robert Luna stated at a Saturday night press conference, “We really need your assistance.” “We must remove this guy or these men from the street. He killed one of our deputies by ambush. We require your assistance to get him off the streets.”

Homicide investigators were aware of surveillance footage that appeared to show the moments before Clinkunbroomer was fatally struck in the back of the head.

FOX 11 Los Angeles has obtained a video of a black vehicle pulling up to the left of a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department cruiser at a red light. There are no visible gunshots, but the black vehicle drives away as the sheriff’s cruiser rolls steadily forward and then stops.

A citizen observed the deputy unconscious in his cruiser in front of the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station and alerted other deputies inside the station.

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Clinkunbroomer was initially taken to the hospital in his cruiser, but an ambulance caught up with them on the way, according to FOX 11.

Clinkunbroomer was placed in an ambulance, and another deputy transported his cruiser to a Lancaster medical facility. Uncertainty is the motive for the shooting.

Clinkunbroomer was a veteran of the LASD for eight years who served the Palmdale and Antelope Valley communities with “absolute distinction,” according to Luna.

The father and grandfather of the deputy worked for the sheriff’s department.

“I would like to inform our community that Deputy Clinkunbroomer has left his family tonight to serve our community,” Luna wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter. “He sacrificed everything to assist us. Tonight, he was wearing the same uniform as other @LASDHQ deputies and operating a police car when he was brutally murdered.


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