Apple releases watchOS 10.4 beta 3 (Video)

Apple has released watchOS 10.4 beta 3 for the Apple Watch, they also released iOS 17.4 beta 3 for the iPhone and iPadOS 17.4 beta 3 for the iPad. Now we get to find out what is new in the latest beta of Apple’s watchOS 10.4 from Half Man Half Tech.

First and foremost, the update introduces a significant improvement to the Blood Oxygen app. Now, you can take blood oxygen measurements without needing your Apple Watch to be charged to at least 80%. This is a game-changer for users prioritizing health monitoring, ensuring that you won’t have to wait for your device to charge fully before accessing vital health data.

In celebration of heart health, Apple has introduced a new Apple Heart Month activity challenge. Kicking off on Valentine’s Day, this challenge is a timely reminder of the importance of heart health, encouraging users to stay active and engaged with their wellness goals.

For those who enjoy expressing themselves through emojis, the update does not disappoint. New emoji additions include shaking heads in various directions and an array of new food emojis, enriching your messaging and communication.

Siri also receives noteworthy updates, with users in Germany now able to activate Siri without the “Hey Siri” phrase. Furthermore, Siri’s language capabilities are expanded, allowing the assistant to listen and read messages in multiple languages, enhancing the user experience for non-English speakers.

We are expecting Apple to release watchOS 10.4 next month along with IOS 17.4 and iPadOS 17.4, the new watchOS 10.4 beta 3 is now available for developers to download.

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Source & Image Credit: Half Man Half Tech

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