Should you update to iOS 17.1? (Video)

Apple will release its iOS 17.1 software update next week and now we have a video comparing iOS 17.1 vs iOS 17.0.3. The new software update will be released next Tuesday the 25th of October.

The video below from iDeviceHelp gives us a look at the new iOS 17.1 software update side by side with the current iOS 17.0.3 software and we get to find out what improvements this update will bring along with the new features, let’s find out some more details.

One of the most frustrating experiences for any smartphone user is a laggy keyboard. The video confirms that Apple has taken this issue seriously. Tests reveal that the keyboard on the new iOS update is not just responsive but also more reliable. If you’ve been struggling with keyboard lag, this update is your ticket to a smoother typing experience.

OLED displays are beautiful but come with their own set of challenges, one of which is screen burning. However, the video clarifies that what many thought was screen burning in iOS 17.0.2 was actually a display image persistence issue. Thankfully, the new iOS update addresses this problem effectively, making it a non-issue for future use.

In a time when connectivity is king, Wi-Fi performance can make or break your day. The video includes a Wi-Fi speed test that pits iOS 17.1 against 17.0.2. The results? iOS 17.1 offers noticeably better download and upload speeds. If you’ve been experiencing slow internet on your iPhone, this update might just be the solution.

There have been rumors about Apple throttling iPhone performance to prevent overheating. The video tackles this by running CPU benchmarks on both iOS 17.1 and 17.0.2. The results indicate slight improvements in both single-core and multi-core scores on iOS 17.1, effectively putting to rest rumors about any performance throttling.

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So it looks like the new iOS 17.1 software update will be a worthwhile upgrade and it is recommended you update your device, the software is coming next week along with iPadOS 17.1, watchOS 10.1, tvOS 17.1 and macOS Sonoma 14.1.

Source & Image Credit: iDeviceHelp

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